Xiaomi Mi 6 Pearl White Version Launched on 14th July; Capturing Everybody’s Heart

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Xiaomi Mi 6 is released in many colors but black is the most famous one till now and the whole market is filled with it; However, Mi 6 released a white version on 14th July. And from the looks, it’s just as amazing as a pearl.

Mi 5 also released a white version before but in that, the screen light affected the edge and not that great but Mi 6 white version’s black border control is very good and it almost has no light and there is a lot of refreshing visual effects.

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The configuration of a white version of Mi 6 is no different than other versions. It features a 5.15-inch display with 12MP zoom dual camera with Snapdragon 835 processor. Mi  6 support 4G with dual Sim card technology.

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