Xiaomi Black Shark vs iPhone X Detailed Camera Comparison

These two handsets are very good in terms of daylight photography.

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Xiaomi, in a partnership with Black Shark Technology, has launched a new gaming smartphone – the Xiaomi Black Shark. As the handset is dedicated to gamers, it come with Snapdragon 845 and the performance is unbeatable but what about camera? Does it have a good camera? To find out, we have done Xiaomi Black Shark vs iPhone X Camera Comparison.

Before we start the Xiaomi Black Shark vs iPhone X Camera Comparison, we want to share some more information. The next generation technology-equipped Xiaomi Black Shark has been launched in China with no words on global launch yet. It comes in two variants – 6GB RAM with 64GB ROM and 8GB RAM with 128GB ROM priced at 2,999 Yuan (approx. ₹31,000) and 3,499 Yuan (approx. ₹36,000).

The newcomer features some next generation as well as high-end specifications. It has X-type antenna and in-built liquid cooling system. Means, you don’t need to worry about heating issues. The handset has Adreno 630 graphics processing unit and a 4,000 mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology.

Anyway, coming back to camera, let’s have a look on the camera specifications of both handsets:

  Xiaomi Black Shark Apple iPhone X


Dual 12MP + 20MP, f/1.8, 2x Optical Zoom, Dual Pixel PDAF, Dual-LED Dual Tone Flash Dual 12MP (f/1.8) + 12MP (f/2.4), OIS, PDAF, 2x Optical Zoom, Quad-LED Dual Tone Flash
Front 20MP (f/2.2) 7MP (f/2.2)


As you can see, both smartphones have very good camera specifications on paper. Now, let’s see how they perform against each other.

Daylight Photography

Both smartphones perform very well under normal or daylight conditions. Have a look on the samples below:

Black Shark vs iPhone X - G2B

As you can see, the Xiaomi Black Shark is not better than the iPhone X but it is also not bad. It is closely following the iPhone X whether we talk about color accuracy, sharpness or details.

Black Shark vs iPhone X camera - G2B

Under well lighting conditions, I think Xiaomi Black Shark’s performance is more than good for average users. For advance users, it might be disappointing. This section goes in the favor of iPhone X.

Daylight HDR

The iPhone X takes a lead in terms of HDR algorithm too but it doesn’t mean Xiaomi Black Shark is bad. It also produces very good images, they are just not better than the iPhone X. See the samples below:

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When HDR mode is turned on, I can see improvements in the photos taken by Xiaomi Black Shark. Color accuracy, details, sharpness and brightness are good but not better than the iPhone X. This section also goes in the favor of iPhone X.

Bokeh Mode

In this particular section, I am loving the performance of Xiaomi Black Shark. The automatic adjustment of aperture by camera brings very good bokeh effect. It effectively blurs the background while keeping the primary object in focus. Have a look on the sample below:

Black Shark vs iPhone X bokeh mode- G2B

The Xiaomi Black Shark’s bokeh algorithm is very good. As you can see in the sample image above, the edges of focused object is sharp and don’t look blurred.

Lowlight Photography

Lowlight condition is where the Xiaomi Black Shark disappoints. The handset produces just average photos. Have a look on the samples below:

Black Shark vs iPhone X lowlight - G2B

As you can see, photos have noise and dark part of the image look a bit blueish. Color accuracy is also not good. The handset tends to oversaturate the colors and doesn’t handle contrast well.

Black Shark vs iPhone X image - G2B

The iPhone X, on the other hand, is very good at lowlight condition. The handset produces very good images with realistic colors. We didn’t see noise and images have good contrast.

Our Verdict

The Xiaomi Black Shark is dedicated to mobile gaming, probably that’s why the company hasn’t focused on its camera department. The handset’s image processor doesn’t work that well. So, in this Xiaomi Black Shark vs iPhone X Camera Comparison, the Apple iPhone X is the winner.

One thing I would like to say that the Xiaomi Black Shark doesn’t disappoint in daylight or good lighting condition. The handset does come with “Manual Camera Mode”, it means one can tweak the camera settings to produce even better photos.

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