Xiaomi and Apple Lead Wearable Market As Per IDC

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As per the International Data Corporation (IDC), Apple and Xiaomi have shipped the most number of wearable devices (smart watches/fitness bands) so far this year. The statistics say that both companies individually shipped 3.6 million wearable devices bringing them neck to neck in this segment. However, data also revealed that while Apple’s shipment grew by 64.1 percent, Xiaomi went down by 3.3 percent. Xiaomi, it seems, was originally doing better than its American counterpart.

Also, shipments from this time last year have grown from 20.9 million to 24.7 million leading to an overall industry growth of 17.9 percent each year. One of the other wearable giant, Fitbit, was relegated to the third spot but it continues to enjoy a strong position with 50 million user base. Its shipments, although, fell down to 37.7 percent.

Apple and Xiaomi lead the wearable market with 3.6 million shipments for each, as per IDC


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One of the biggest reasons for the rapid growth of the wearable industry is Apple’s continuous improvement of its smart watch from the original to the Series 1 and the current Series 2. Recently, Apple has also announced the watchOS 4 with new features and better performance that shall only make things better. In general, these wearable devices from prominent manufacturers have been very well received by the users.

Trust Apple to start a trend. Consider the Apple watch, while there are a number of good looking smart watches out there with longer battery life, it is the Apple Watch which is one of the most successful today and shares credit to set things in motion for this category of gadgets.

IDC believes that the market growth is only in its beginning stage and things are, in all likeliness, only going to go up which is nothing but a great news for the industry. This will also lead manufacturers to continuously innovate and incorporate new features making the whole experience of owning a smartphone and a smart watch together a pretty good one.

News and image source: bgr.in

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