WhatsApp set to introduce Silent and Vacation Modes in new update

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World famous messaging platform “WhatsApp” is soon to announce a host of interesting features for its users. The company is reportedly working on delivering silent mode, vacation mode and linked accounts feature to its app users.

Starting with Silent Mode, which the report says is already enabled for Android WhatsApp app. The feature will allow its users to hide app badges for muted chats. This would simply mean that whenever a new message arrives on a muted chat, it will not be shown in the app badge.

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For the Vacation Mode, it will prevent archived chats from becoming active when a new message is received. The new option will be available as follow Settings > Notification. This new vacation mode feature is currently in development and it is not known when it will be rolled out for the people. With this mode on, archived chats will not be shown in the regular chat option and instead will be kept in Archived Chats.

At last, there is a Linked Accounts option, which will allow users to link external services to their WhatsApp. The feature is mainly developed for WhatsApp Business, though it would also be available for normal users later on. The Linked Accounts feature can be found under the Profile Settings. At present, only Instagram is supported for Linked Accounts feature. Users will have to add the asked credentials and the WhatsApp account will be linked to your Instagram profile. The feature will allow the users to recover the password and share status updates on Instagram directly via WhatsApp.

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