Vivo X21i is unveiled in China: Looks a bit too familiar to the iPhone X

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After much pre-launch hype, the Vivo X21i has finally been unveiled in China. Without any surprise, the phone comes with an all too familiar notch. At the same time, Vivo is boasting about its more-than-90% screen to body ratio and a 24 MP selfie camera.

The X21i is identical to its sibling, X21, as far as the looks are concerned. However, there are internal differences between the two – the X21i comes with a MediaTek Helio P60 processor while the X21 is powered by the Snapdragon 660, secondly, the front camera in the X21i is a 24 MP unit whereas in the X21, it is a 12 MP unit.

Vivo X21i dual camera

The Helio P60 processor is accompanies by two RAM and storage options – 6 GB RAM / 64 GB storage and 4 GB RAM / 128 GB storage (we find it strange because usually RAM increases with storage and vice versa). The display unit is a huge 6.28 inches Super AMOLED panel delivering Full HD+ resolution (1080p x 2280p). The phone runs Android Oreo 8.1 along with FunTouch OS 4.0.

Coming to the main camera, it is a dual camera setup with a pair of 12 MP lenses which is assisted by AI scene detection (which means that the camera software will change/manage colors according to what is being shot). Lastly, the phone’s battery is a 3,425 mAh unit.

The Vivo X21i has been launched at a price of CNY 2,68 (around USD $ 425) for both the variants. The phone can be purchased in China from May 19.

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What do we feel about the Notch – which has spread like a wildfire in the mobile phone industry?

There have been polarizing opinions about the infamous notch design and mostly, people have openly shown their discomfort about the same even though many are indifferent altogether. Personally, I do not have an issue with it as such, but honestly, I haven’t really experienced it so I can’t really be sure.

And while there are naturally design similarities in smartphones in general, we just can’t help but feel that this notch thing is a shameless copy of the iPhone X, rather than an inspiration, in a desperate effort of appearing premium. Given that every Android phone which has come out with a notch so far has some amount of bezel left at the bottom (also called the chin). This invariably makes us question why the notch is needed in the first place – you could simply position the screen more towards the bottom so that the bottom becomes bezel-less while there’s a small space at the top for the front camera and the speaker (and the notch will not be required).

Vivo X21i display


We have no doubt that behind the criticism that many phone manufacturers hold for Apple (and the iPhone), but simultaneously, they are vying to be it in some way or the other. This widespread adoption of the notch is the clear proof of this. And the funniest thing in all of this is, Apple isn’t even the first to pull off the concept of the notch in its iPhone, but surely enough, Apple turned this into the biggest trend in the smartphone industry at the moment.

Image credits: GSMArena

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