Top Gadgets You Can Buy Under Rs 1000

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Today’s world is one dominated by gadgets and technology. There are countless gizmos available out there for just about everything, and they come at all price points. In fact, even if you have a small budget of just about Rs 1,000, there’s a lot of cool stuff you can get.

Excited to know more? Check out our listing of the top gadgets you can buy under Rs 1,000.

Note: The prices indicated against the gadgets in this article are as per the current listings on online shopping portals. Hence, they are subject to change.

#1. F&D E200 Soundbar | Buy for Rs. 983

Offering 2.0 audio output, F&D’s E200 Soundbar promises a good sound experience. It has a 3.5mm audio jack that also lets you listen to music via earphones or headphones of your choice. The Soundbar packs in two metallic speakers and has a 3W audio output.

#2. Portronics LiteHouse Magnetic LED Lamp with 4,400mAh USB Powerbank | Buy for Rs. 999

Powerbanks have become a must-have accessory these days, given how battery life continues to be an issue for smartphones. If you’re looking for a powerbank, you might want to check out Portronics’s LiteHouse that has a built-in LED lamp. It has a capacity of 4,400mAh and comes with a magnetic base that can be used to stick it on any metallic surface.

#3. Mi Basic In-Ear Headphones with Mic | Buy for Rs. 599

With a corrosion and scratch-proof aluminum sound chamber, Xiaomi’s Mi Basic pair of In-Ear Headphones provides quite some comfort to the user. It weighs just 14g and is compatible with all android and iOS devices. Additionally, two spare silicone ear-buds are included in the box.

#4. Mobizmo 4-in-1 OTG Card Reader | Buy for Rs. 785

This is probably the coolest gadget in our list, and can come in really handy for those who have to use multiple devices. Mobizmo’s 4-in-1 OTG Card Reader has four ports – Lightning, microUSB, USB Type-C and regular USB Type-A. While it requires no drivers for Android devices, iOS device users need to use an app called iUSB Pro to be able to use the card reader.

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#5. PowerCube Spike Guard | Buy for Rs. 859

This is a must have accessory for office desks. The PowerCube Spike Guard has four Indian style surge-protected sockets, along with two USB ports. It can power six devices at the same time. With an included attachment, you can easily stick the PowerCube on the desk. The adapter comes with a 1.5m cable.

#6. SanDisk Ultra Dual 32GB USB 3.0 OTG Pen Drive | Buy for Rs. 499

Also available in 64GB and 128GB storage variants, the SanDisk Ultra Dual 32GB USB 3.0 OTG pen drive comes with both a USB 3.0 port and a microUSB port. The company promises data transfer speeds of up to 130Mbps.

#7. Mpow Streambot Trapezoid 3.5mm In-Car FM Transmitter Radio Adapter | Buy for Rs. 999

This little gadget can be useful for iPhone users. The Mpow Streambot Trapezoid 3.5mm In-Car FM Transmitter Radio Adapter allows users to turn any smartphone (with a 3.5mm audio jack) into a radio transmitter. Simply connect it with your phone, set the frequency and enjoy. It includes a built-in rechargeable battery. What’s most interesting about the gadget is that it shuts down itself when not in use.

#8. Photron TRAD55 Universal Worldwide Travel Charger Adapter | Buy for Rs. 329

For those who frequently travel to different countries, this is a must-have gadgets. Photron’s TRAD55 Universal Worldwide Travel Charger Adapter supports power plugs used in a whopping 150 countries around the world, including those used in India, China, Japan, Australia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

So which of these gadget(s) are you interested in buying? Do let us know in the comments below.

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