Top 5 Android Launchers in 2017: What is your pick?

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One of the reasons that Android is so popular among a wide variety of users is because of the range of customization one can do on it. While different phone manufacturers often bring their own custom skin over a standard Android UI, there are various third-party Android launchers as well that provide a huge level of freedom as to how one would like the OS on his device to look and function.

A good third-party launcher can make your Home screen appear unique while also giving you more gesture support in order to launch the apps and navigate through screens.

Here are 5 of the top Android launchers that we have chosen to highlight:

Action Launcher

Action launcher

Arguably the most popular and one of the most customizable launchers available on the Play Store, Action Launcher can not only make the Home screen appear unique but also allows customizing the Android App Drawer depending on one’s liking.

This Launcher also emulates certain features from the latest Android OS, Oreo, as well as the Pixel Launcher, which means that people running the Nougat or lower can also enjoy some of the latest UI features – for example, app shortcuts, adaptive icon support etc.

Android Action launcher

Another interesting feature of this launcher is that the Home screen adapts to the primary color of the wallpaper making the icons look as if they are actually a part of the wallpaper. Furthermore, one can put shortcuts on the Google search bar. The Action Launcher is designed to allow users to be quick as they navigate throughout the UI.

Nova Launcher

Nova launcher

Nova Launcher is another one of the most popular launchers for Android. A standout feature of this launcher is that it can import the layout of the Home screen from the OS’s default launcher, or even from some other third-party launcher used before it, thereby preventing the user from resetting the desktop again.

Nova launcher


Besides the basic functionalities like the ability to customize the Home screen, it allows customization for the App Drawer as well as the Widget Drawer. Then there’s also the ‘Infinite scroll’ enabling users to loop through the various Home screens and the App/Widget Drawer while scrolling.

The Nova Launcher easily rivals for the most used Launcher across various Android devices.

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Yahoo Aviate Launcher

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Yahoo Aviate launcher

Aviate is a lightweight launcher which was bought by Yahoo some years ago. Yahoo Aviate Launcher works on the functionality of predictability where it predicts, by studying the usage pattern of the user, the information and apps for quicker access and actions.

Yahoo Aviate launcher

It is like a smart organizer – clean and free of clutter. The Yahoo Aviate Launcher acts as a personal assistant. Apps get organized by function so that navigating through them is easier. The information it presents becomes personalized over the time.

Arrow Launcher

Arrow launcher

Developed by Microsoft, the Arrow Launcher is now simply called the Microsoft Launcher. And being one brings its own set of advantages especially with respect to multi-device connectivity.

Arrow or Microsoft Launcher allows a photo or a document to be accessed, viewed or edited on a windows PC which has been originally clicked or created on an Android smartphone. This can be done with the help of a Microsoft account.

Arrow launcher

Also, there’s a plethora of customization options with themes and wallpapers to give the Home screen a unique look. There’s a Personalized Feed to view news, calendar events, documents and contacts. The Personal Feed can also be set as a Home screen.

There is gesture support as well to launch the App Drawer and to lock the phone. Favorite contacts can also be pinned anywhere on the Home screen, folders or in the dock.

Evie Launcher

Evie launcher

One of the lightest launchers available, Evie Launcher is especially designed to not compromise the performance of a smartphone. It offers good gesture support in a similar fashion to the Arrow Launcher above (as well as some default gestures on Google Pixel) like swiping up from the bottom to launch the App Drawer and putting the screen to sleep by double tapping.

Evie launcher

Apps can be directly launched through the search bar. Also, almost anything can be turned into a shortcut by long-pressing and selecting it on the search bar. Lastly, option to completely personalize the Home screen through wallpapers and themes is always there.

Let us know in the comment section below if, as an Android user, you are using any of the above mentioned Launchers.

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