Top 10 Coolest Accessories To Get Just In Rs.1000

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Hello you amazing people, we are back again with some great gadgets which you can get in just Rs. 1000 bucks.With prices going high with each month all the electronics are getting costlier day by day.Just check the list to get your hands on the coolest gadgets just under 1000 rupees.Electronics

1. Car Charger @625

Charging is one thing which you need all the time and even with traveling. There are many car chargers available in which you get Micro USB space and also for Type C cables. They are also coming with two or more USB port. There are also some car chargers which can charge iPhones, iPods etc. as well.
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2. ANT VR Headset @745

If you are looking for some cheap VR headset you should start from this one. This one has a simple design and it allows you to enjoy 100⁰ life-like virtual experience. It is designed as compatible for Lenovo K4 Note, Lenovo Vibe X3, K5 Plus and K3 Note but it can also be used with some other designs. It also comes with 6 months warranty.
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3. Skullcandy In-Ear Headphone (Rasta) @569

These headphones got really famous before because of its quality and the price and still the best option for earphones under 1000. The sound quality of this product is amazing with good bass as well.
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4. 3D screen magnifier @494

If you are not looking for VR Headset and want something more comfortable you should check out 3D screen magnifier. This is not actual 3D but will give you a feel of it. You just have to put your mobile in and have the fun of a bigger screen. There are many varieties available as you can get some devices with 2-3 speakers and inbuilt power bank.
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5. Universal Camera Lens @545

As many of you already know about it because it is in trend and that is totally valid. Smart phones used to lack optical zoom which makes is different from DSLR but now you can get different lenses as per your use. These are very easy to use as well and get attached to your phone or tablet easily.
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6. Smart Ring @1399

First of all, it’s a bit higher than 1000 bucks but you should definitely give it a try or wait for some gadget sale than it will be around the same cost. This comes under smart jewelry. You can just wear it as a normal ring and it can be used for NFC program to unlock, initiator hidden programs, image-text sharing. You can also share business card, internet link, online file etc.
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7. USB LED Cable @529

This cable is mainly used for decoration and securing your cables. It gives a marvelous lighting effect and with USB it is easy to plug-in and installing it.
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8. Cosmic Byte CB-M-02 Andromeda Mouse @699

You will not believe how amazing this mouse is until you start using it. It’s a gaming mouse in the price of Rs. 699. Not only it has included 3200DPI but also 7 buttons. It also includes LED light adjusting. It is compatible with Windows7/8/10/Vista, Mac OS, and any other OS and it is easily connected with an available USB port.
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9. Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAH Power Bank @849

Well, this has to come under this category for sure. A power bank is absolutely necessary for this time. This power bank has 11000 mAh capacities and it is coming with a 1-year warranty.
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10. Sony MDR-ZX110A On-Ear Stereo Headphones @649

This product is a must buy if you are looking for some great headphones in the budget. The build quality of this headphone is good. From sound clarity to quality everything is just perfect and you can surely trust the brand Sony for this headphone.
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That’s all for now, you can check more categories and reviews of products @Gadget2Buy!!

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