Top 10 Awesome Deals On Flagship Phones In This Great Sale Season

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The sale season is On and everyone is coming up with great deals and discounts. Amazon and Flipkart both are giving a great discount on phones. Amazon’s mobile on discounts sale is over and so is Flipkart’s Laptop Sale; but you don’t have to stress out because there is something amazing waiting for this weekend.
Flipkart is here with a great discount on Flagship Phones. Check out the huge difference in price that you can get this weekend. The sale name is #OwnYourDreamPhone and it’s really fulfilling its name. You can get your hands on in this sale between June 22nd- 24th.

1. iPhone 7 Plus(128 GB)
Yes, Believe it or not, but iPhone 7 Plus with 128GB memory is also on discount. Also, it’s not 2000-3000 discounts; you can get more than 20,000 discount for this phone. The Actual price of this phone is 82,000 and you can get your hands on this phone in Rs. 59,000.

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2. Google Pixel
Are you a fan of Google instead of iPhone. Discount rain is everywhere. You can get this phone only in 39,999. The actual price of Google Pixel is 57,000. There is also more discounts on the exchange but you should read all terms and conditions before making the purchase.

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3. Moto Z with Style Mode
Moto Z is the latest Smartphone to add in this category. You can have this phone only in Rs. 29,999 with Rs. 10,000 discount. You will get different style mode with this phone as well. Don’t you think it’s the best feeling in the world??

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4. iPhone 7(128GB)
Coming to iPhone 7(128GB) you will be getting a great deal with 20,000 discounts. The actual price of this phone is 70,000 and you can find a great deal in this sale and get this phone on Rs. 51,499.

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5. iPhone 6s (32GB)
If you are not up for iPhone 7 or 7Plus, you can find great deals on iPhone 6s as well. The actual price of this iPhone is Rs. 47,999 and you can get this phone only in Rs. 34,999.

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6. Samsung C9 Pro
#OwnYourDreamPhone is actually giving Real Flagships at Unreal Prices. Samsung C9 Pro with 6GB RAM is also on discount. The deal you will get on this phone is that you will get a discount of 5,000. The actual price of this phone is 36,900 and you can buy this phone only at Rs. 31,900.

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Check all the other phones with their actual price and discounted price. We are surely filling our buckets in this sale. You should also check and get good deals. You can find reviews of these phones at our website @Gadget2Buy.
Other then discounts there is also exchange offers where you can get some thousands off from the actual price. You can find all flagships phone under this sale, from iPhone, Google Pixel to Vivo and Xperia. Check Out our top best picks:

7. iPhone 7 Plus(32GB)

Actual Price: Rs. 72,000
Sale Price: Rs. 55,999
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8. iPhone 7(32GB)

Actual Price: Rs. 60,000
Sale Price: Rs. 42,999
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9. iPhone 5s

Actual Price: Rs. 20,000
Sale Price: Rs. 15,999
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10. iPhone SE

From: Rs. 20,999
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