Some users complains about iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max charging issues

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Apple has come under scanner once again for charging related issues in its latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. In a fresh new report, multiple users are complaining that their iPhones refuse to charge until they wake it up its screen.


Many users have taken this issue to Apple’s discussion boards that their newly purchased iPhones wouldn’t automatically start charging while they plug the charging cable. Users said, in order to charge their iPhones, they either need to tap on the screen or need to unplug and plug back the Lightning cable to begin charging. Multiple users have also reported that when they plug in the cable, the screen even refuses to wake up.


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So just got my new iPhone and noticed this issue. I connect the lightning cable to my phone to charge and most of the time it’s automatically charging. However, I’ve noticed several times plugging the phone in and no charge comes up. Tried unplugging and plugging back in, sometimes it’ll work. I started to test it out. And I noticed the times I plugged it in, and I get no charge, I‘d leave the phone alone for 10-15 seconds. I pick it up, the screen illuminates and then the charging symbol pops up,” said by one of the user in the forum.


The issue might be related to bugs in iPhone’s software and which could be resolved in future updates. Apple is yet to make any official statement about the issue.


Earlier, multiple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users complained about poor WiFi and LTE connectivity on their devices. Both the iPhones come with bad WiFi frequency performance as compared to previous generation models even when they cost up to $1000.

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