See What All Changes Are There In New Generation iPad Appearance (Leaked Images)

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A few days ago Apple announced that it will host the WWDC 2017 Global Developers Conference on June 6, when it will release the next-generation operating system, covering Apple’s four lines of business. In addition, there were rumors that Apple will release the new iPad Pro and Siri smart speaker devices in the General Assembly. Now the appearance of the iPad Pro has been exposed in the market.

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According to the news of the Taiwan industrial chain, the next generation iPad Pro in appearance will have a relatively large change, It will not have the Home key to the screen under the fingerprint identification program.

In addition, it will have a very narrow frame, its size will become 10.5 inches, the other side is similar to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.
In addition, according to analysts, 10.5-inch iPad Pro is mainly for business users, it has begun its mass production; shipments will be 500-600 million units around.

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