What Is Sarahah & How To Know The Identity Of The Sender And Much More!!

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Have you caught up in the wave of Sarahah yet? With current trending wave, it’s not possible that you haven’t heard about it. So we are here to clarify all the doubts you have about this app.

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Sarahah is an anonymous messaging app where you can send a message without giving your name and this is the main USP of this app. Anyone can log in and send you their honest opinion if they have your id. You can also send a message without logging in as well.

Well, this app is not that new, the app owner is from Saudi Arabia and this app is already famous in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This app is free and its available on Android and iOS.

The idea of the app is really simple and it’s really easy to use.  You can just make an account and share the link with your friends and even sending a message is really easy as well. There is a message box where you can type and send the message and it will be anonymous even if you are not logged in.

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The only disadvantage of this app is that there can be some negative people as well who can send you the negative review or cheap messages, but you can limit the audience by selecting the option of Not Allowing Unauthorized Users to post.

Beware Of Spam/Fraud Apps

Every great thing comes with a great drawback and same rule applies to every trending thing as well. There are many fraud apps and fake news going around that you can know the identity of the sender by installing some app or by logging in to some sites but that is not true at all.

Sarahah tweeted that it is not going to happen and even you can guess it with some logical thinking that this is the main USP of Sarahah and it will be doomed if it starts giving identities away of users.

Have fun with Sarahah until it’s viral.

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