Samsung’s Foldable Phone Appears In Fantastic Renders

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Samsung is one of the top smartphone manufacturers and offers some highly likeable handsets in the high-end segment, in the form of its Galaxy S and Note lineup. But the South Korean company has been actively working on another kind of a smartphone for some time – a foldable device – which promises to deliver a unique experience unlike anything else.

Every now and then, there has been some kind of news about what that foldable phone would like and what specs it could offer. Now, Samsung’s foldable phone has appeared in fresh renders but these are supposedly not of the real handset, or they could be. But we can say one thing, the design looks realistic enough.

Samsung foldable phone

In these renders, the phone is shown with a folding mechanism which is similar to the one found in Microsoft Surface Book. The phone is shown opened completely flat, at 90-degree and completely closed as well. One thing to note when the phone is completely folded is that there’s some part of the display visible at the bottom. In the renders, that part of screen is shown highlighting media player controls. So it could be like this.

Samsung foldable phone

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Another observation about the phone in the folded state is the presence of the dual camera setup as well as the presence of the fingerprint sensor at the back. But we would like to believe that there’s a possibility of the under-display fingerprint sensor as well.

Also, one of the rendered images shows a still of a video being played in the landscape mode. It is occupying the whole screen which is interesting. We are wondering about the aspect ratio of the video itself when the phone is in the landscape orientation. We are not really sure it would look like this to be honest.

Samsung foldable phone

The folding mechanism shown in the images makes it possible for the phone to be stopped at any desired angle it seems. It actually looks quite interesting, but what about the overall thickness of the phone when it is completely folded? How will it fit or look being in a pocket? It sure would be too long to be put in a pocket in its completely opened and flat state.

Nevertheless, we are excited to see what Samsung is creating and how the actual thing turns out. Keep watching this space for more information on this as well on other upcoming smartphones in 2018.

Image credits: NieuweMobiel.NL

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