Samsung’s Bixby Is Finally Available For Everyone!! Say “Hi, Bixby”

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Finally, it seems that Bixby is ready for everyone. Bixby is a Samsung’s voice assistant and that got delayed in release.

The company just announced that after the launch of Bixby in its Home Country which is South Korea, it is going to launch in the US. After that is usable for any Samsung S8 and S8+ user. Samsung launched beta version first and over 100,000 users of the flagship devices have enrolled in the early access program and issued over 4 million voice commands. Samsung said because of so many test results we were able to do release it early.

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Now you can update your device and start using Bixby. It can now read out your SMS and emails as well. For installing it you just have to press the Bixby button and start it by saying “Hi, Bixby.”
You can find more features of Bixby in this video, Have a look:

The company is also promoting it by giving many Samsung products, gift cards, and trips. You can earn these by collecting “experience points” by using it. This offer is valid until Sept. 14, 2017.

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