Samsung W2019 flip phone will Get the dual camera from the Galaxy S9+

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While Samsung is working on introducing its first (or the first in the industry) foldable smartphone, the company already makes flip phones or clamshell phones. We are just wondering, isn’t it a bit ironic that a flip phone is not considered a foldable phone?!

That aside, the South Korean giant is working on its next flip phone, W2019, and perhaps the most interesting bit about it, so far, is that it will have the dual camera setup taken from the Galaxy S9+.

Samsung W2019 in action
Image of Samsung W2018 for representational purpose only

Not much detail has been shared regarding if the camera will be absolutely similar to the bone, but the W2019 is said to carry the same 12 MP primary lens and 12 MP secondary lens (telephoto). Furthermore, the primary lens will have varying aperture from the largest f1.5 to the smallest f2.4 for improved capturing of the light depending on the condition. The secondary lens will have the f2.4 aperture, just like in the S9+.

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Samsung W2019 flip phone
Image of Samsung W2018 for representational purpose only

In fact, the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 is also likely to get the same camera setup. Also, this will be first time that Samsung will put a dual camera module in its flip phone. This move shall help widen the customer base of the W2019.

Keep watching this space for more information on this.

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