Samsung Experience Center: The Biggest in The World, And It’s Been Inaugurated in India

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Samsung has been having some serious plans with its operations in India, it seems. Earlier in July this year itself, the South Korean company opened its largest factory, in the world, in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Now though, Samsung has gone on to inaugurate its biggest Experience Center in the world, and it has been opened in India as well.

The newest Samsung Experience Center was inaugurated yesterday, September 11, in Bangalore, India. The center has been opened in the renovated Opera House which was originally built during the British rule, and so was pretty old.

Samsung Experience Center VR

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The SEC sprawls over a space of 33,000 sq. ft. and is set to showcase a wide range of Samsung products – smartphones, home appliances, other consumer products like TVs, audio equipments etc. Furthermore, there is a home theater section as well where movies can be watched on pre-booking. Then there is a VR zone as well to let customers experience virtual reality.

Opera House in Bangalore

Lastly, a customer service section is provided as well for any queries and complains about Samsung products. The SEC experience is expected to be topped with the best possible customer service and it is now open to the public.

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