Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Get Fingerprint Sensor Below the Rear Camera

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8, along with the Apple iPhone 8, is one of the most talked about future phones in the industry. The Note range of smartphones bring forth the best in innovation in both software and hardware front for the South Korean company. It has a lot of stake, is full of features and is usually considered a good device for productivity.

We have already reported that the upcoming Note is said to carry the Galaxy S8-like design language, which means, a screen dominant display with no physical button at the front anymore. This means putting the fingerprint sensor somewhere else. There have been rumors both in favor and against the idea of having the biometric authentication system embedded in the display screen itself, however, the latest report says that it is pretty much confirmed that Samsung is going against it.

Instead, the likely position of the sensor has been decided and it is right below the main rear camera. Now this place is still better than the one on the S8/S8+ which is at the side of the camera. It is simply awkward to use.

Galaxy Note 8
Samsung to put the fingerprint sensor below the dual camera at the back on the upcoming Note 8


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Samsung is taking the safe bet here and perhaps keeping the screen-integrated fingerprint sensor for its future device(s) beyond the Note 8. And while we will not see the same anytime soon in one of its devices, the company is clearly working on the said technology.

Just to refresh, the Galaxy Note 8 will be the first Samsung device with a dual camera setup and powered by the Snapdragon 836 processor. The display is likely to maintain the S8’s aspect ratio of 18.9:5, although, it will be bigger at 6.3 inches.

Keep watching this space as we bring you more updates on this.

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