Samsung Note 8 Could Sport the Same Curved Screen from the Galaxy S8

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Samsung Galaxy S8 is a revolutionary device for the South Korean company. Rumor has it that the upcoming Note 8 would likely have the same display. Galaxy S8/S8+ are the first smartphones in the world to sport what Samsung calls the Infinity Display with the support for HDR 10.

Also, the aspect ratio of the screen is likely to remain unchanged at 18.5:9, however, the screen size could span up to 6 inches. In the similar fashion, the Note 8 will sport an almost all-screen front panel with no physical key or button available. And as we reported earlier, the fingerprint sensor could be integrated in the screen itself compared to the S8 where it is at the back.

Note 8
Samsung Note 8 could have similar screen dominant front just like on the Galaxy S8.


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While Samsung has not officially revealed any details about the screen, we are pretty certain that it is bound to be as impressive as the one on the Galaxy S8 duo at least. In fact, people are even speculating a true 4k resolution on the device.

The company has already begun testing Note 8 with Android Nougat 7.1.1, although, we would like to be pleasantly surprised to see the Android O right out of the factory. In any case, the upgrade to Google’s next operating system is a guarantee.

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