Good News: Now You Can Buy Samsung Note 7R for Half Price

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You must be aware of Samsung Note 7 recall. Last year, many users reported battery explosion of Note 7. Because there were several cases of explosion, Samsung suspended the sales of Note 7 after discovering manufacturing defect and announced a recall for all Note 7 available in the market.

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Now, an anonymous Samsung has confirmed that Samsung has managed to fix this manufacturing defect. The official has confirmed that the company will re-sell the Note 7 with a new name – the Samsung Note 7R (Renovation) in the form of refurbished phone.

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It’s worth noting that the Samsung Note 7R has already cleared United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) audit and got passing certificate. The handset is allegedly said to be launched by the end of this month or in early June.

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Further, the most interesting thing about Samsung Note 7R is that its price will only be the half of original Note 7. Means, technically, one will get Note 7 with 50% discount.  

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