Samsung might launch phones with a Notch in 2018

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Since there’s no reason whatsoever to doubt this news, it is funny and simultaneously ironic to learn that Samsung has seemingly patented two design forms for their future smartphones – a full-screen display with 100% screen-to-body ratio and the other one is, wait for it, a display with a notch. You are reading that right. This is one of the companies that vocally made fun of Apple’s iPhone X for having a notch.

While both designs are interesting in their own ways, but clearly, it is the one with the notch which is being talked about more.

notch in future Samsung smartphones

Given the nature of the notch and its location, there’s so much one can do to make it any different. In the drawings, the notch is uncannily similar to what we see in the iPhone X. Expectedly, that area will house the front camera, proximity sensor and an earpiece. We can also expect some advancements in Samsung’s face recognition system as well which uses the front camera.

Samsung patent drawings

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The other design is actually more interesting of the two, as far as we are concerned. The patent sketches reveal that Samsung is gunning for a display which will expand completely to all four sides and corners with no notches or gaps. The company is eyeing 100% screen to body ratio. Furthermore, the phone drawings that show a 100% full-screen display will likely carry a conventional single-lens camera at the back.

Samsung patent drawings - back side

Coming to the back side, it appears that the South Korean phone maker has included multiple designs in their patents with respect to the placement of rear dual camera and the antenna lines. In the 1st two images, the antenna lines are going across the bodywork at the top and bottom areas. The camera placement in the 1st image is at the top left corner, horizontal and it is cutting the antenna lines. In the 2nd image, the camera placement is reminiscent of how Samsung has been putting the camera in its recent high-end smartphones. The 3rd and 4th images tend to drift the design language towards the latest iPhones with the antenna lines residing on the outer curves of the bodywork.

Also, none of these drawings show a fingerprint sensor at the back which makes us wonder if Samsung will leave out the biometric authentication system as Apple has done or will we see it getting implemented in other ways! Lastly, it would be interesting to see the reactions of people who hate the notch and have been, so far, praising Samsung for not following this newest trend.

Let us know in the comment section what you think about this news.

Image credits: MobielKopen

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