Samsung Galaxy S10 will have Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor: Said to work through Metal and Plastic!

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It’s that time of the year again when the rumors, speculations and the various leaked renders get more traction. We are nearing the time when the industry biggies are prepping up for the launch of their next-gen smartphones. Of course, Samsung and Apple come to mind.

This one is about Samsung though. While we are aware of the strong speculations that say there will be three variants of the Galaxy S10, instead of two, this time around. And that the cheapest of them would have the fingerprint sensor on the side-mounted Power button. There is new info which says that the other two Galaxy S10 smartphones will have under-display fingerprint sensor and it will be better than what we have seen on the Vivo Nex.

It is said that Samsung will use Qualcomm’s radical ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology for its in-screen biometric system. This means, according to the limited information we have, that the sensor will use ultrasonic waves to capture a 3D image of the finger to register it as the print.

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Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

The system is designed to be more accurate and to work whether the sensor is under the display or somewhere else on the phone’s body in the conventional fashion. While one of the advantages of this ultrasonic sensor is to capture the fingerprint more accurately than ever, another advantage of this tech (because it will use waves) is that it can work through the layer of materials like plastic or metal (and glass, of course).

This, in itself, makes the system more advanced and technologically sophisticated compared to the one present in the Vivo Nex. Another advantage could be better speed, but we aren’t sure on that yet. It is still to be seen.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones will launch in the first quarter of 2019, so the company still has time refine the new generation fingerprint sensor. Keep watching this space for more information on this as well as on other upcoming smartphones in 2018.

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