Samsung and Apple join hands for A12 chip for Next Year’s iPhone

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In a surprisingly welcome move, Samsung and Apple have join hands for the latter’s processor for next year’s iPhone. Samsung will be making the A12 chip for Apple on the extremely efficient 7 nanometer process.

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This deal marks a return for Samsung as the chipset maker for the Cupertino giant. Earlier, in 2013, the South Korean company lost out to TSMC when the Taiwanese company became the only one to make processors for Apple. With this deal, Samsung and TSMC both will be working on the A12 processor for the 2018 iPhone.

A12 chip
Samsung and Apple join hands for the A12 chip

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Apparently, Samsung has already purchased extreme ultra violet lithography machines that are said to be the most sophisticated and advanced equipments for manufacturing processors for mobile devices, and these will be churning out the 7nm A12 chips.

Also, it is believed that this collaboration came into fruition by one of the three CEOs of Samsung who made a visit to Apple’s headquarters last month. And this is also said to be a result of the successful partnership between the two companies for iPhone 8’s OLED panels.

It is always interesting to see when two big rivals come together to help each other by sharing services. It must also be noted that Samsung is the world’s largest maker of OLED display panels and has a market share of 95 percent.

Keep watching this space for more information on this.

News source: TheInvestor

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