Redmi 6 Pro vs Honor 9 Lite Overall Comparison: Clashing Two of the Best Budget Phones

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While the Honor 9 Lite has been one of the bestselling budget phones in India over the last couple of months, the Redmi 6 Pro is yet to come to India. We have already put the 9 Lite against several low-end smartphones like Redmi 5, Redmi Note 5 and RealMe 1 and now we are putting it against an upcoming smartphone – the Redmi 6Pro.

Both the Redmi 6 Pro and Honor 9 Lite come with nearly identical specifications. However, as the Redmi 6 Pro is new, it comes with notch and a 19:9 aspect ratio-equipped display. Still, the chin of these two handsets at the front has similar size. Before we dig deeper, have a look on their specs.

Honor 9 Lite vs Redmi 6 Pro Comparison

Redmi 6 Pro and Honor 9 Lite Full Specifications

  Honor 9 Lite Redmi 6 Pro


5.65-inch IPS LCD Capacitive, 1080x2160px, 18:9 Aspect Ratio, ~428ppi 5.84-inch IPS LCD Capacitive, 1080x2280px, 19:9 Aspect Ratio, ~432ppi
SoC & GPU Kirin 659 | Mali-T830 MP2 Snapdragon 625 | Adreno 506
OS & RAM Android 8.0 | 3GB or 4GB Android 8.1 | 3GB or 4GB
Storage 32GB or 64GB | Expandable 32GB or 64GB | Expandable

Rear Camera

Dual 13MP (PDAF) + 2MP (Depth Sensor), LED Flash Dual 12MP (f/2.2, PDAF) + 5MP (f/2.2, Depth Sensor), Gyro-EIS, LED Flash
Front Camera Dual 13MP+2MP 5MP (HDR)
Battery Li-Po 3,000 mAh Li-Po 4,000 mAh

Honor 9 Lite vs Redmi 6 Pro Comparison -1

Design & Build Quality

While the Honor 9 Lite is one of the first handsets in the low-end segment to come with all-glass design, the Redmi 6 Pro gets a metal unibody.

The Honor 9 Lite has thin bezels above and below display, and is compact. The Redmi 6 Pro, on the other hand, is also compact but carries the notch; minimizing bezels at the top however the size of its chin is similar to the 9 Lite.

While the Redmi 6 Pro has iPhone X-like camera placement, the 9 Lite has horizontal camera placement.

The all-glass design of Honor 9 Lite looks amazing but it is fragile. In contrast, the design of 6 Pro is similar to other Redmi series of handsets but it is stronger when compared to the 9 Lite.

In this section, the decision is yours whether you want a beautifully-crafted handset or a sturdy one.

Honor 9 Lite vs Redmi 6 Pro Comparison-2

Display, OS and UI

Both smartphones feature same display panel but the Redmi 6 Pro has a bit bigger display.

As both have full HD+ resolution, the display looks vibrant. Colors look good and objects look sharp.

As both have all-glass design at the front, they do reflect under direct sunlight.

One thing is annoying that Xiaomi hasn’t given any option to hide the notch.

Both smartphones run on Android Oreo with their own UI. Both UIs have their own perks. So if you are fan of custom UI, you will love both of them.

In this section too, no one is winner.

Honor 9 Lite vs Redmi 6 Pro Comparison -3

Gaming and Performance

Both the Redmi 6 Pro and Honor 9 Lite come with different processor but their computing power is nearly similar. Even their benchmark score is also not that different, so is their actual performance.

Both smartphones handle normal tasks with an ease. Whether you are doing doing social media, playing normal games or using any other app, none of them hangs.

Switching between normal apps is also fine. I didn’t find any lag or stutter. But when you are switching between heavy apps, both smartphones tend to restart them instead of resuming.


Honor 9 Lite vs Redmi 6 Pro Comparison-4

Another thing they have in common that they aren’t made for gaming. While normal gaming is fine, random lag and stutter can be seen when playing heavy games like PUBG Mobile, Shadow Fight 3, Gangster Vegas and Modern Combat.

Graphics performance is even below average. The graphics was set to minimum on both handset when I was playing PUBG Mobile, still I saw frame drops.

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Much like all the previous sections, no one is the winner.

Honor 9 Lite vs Redmi 6 Pro Camera Comparison


Starting with daylight photos, they look similar. But when I zoomed in, I found that Redmi 6 Pro is a bit better in terms of details, however, marginally.

None of them are accurate when it comes to colors but the Honor 9 Lite is surely close. In terms of sharpness, their performance is the same.

Honor 9 Lite vs Redmi 6 Pro Daylight Camera Comparison

Turning on HDR doesn’t help much. It just whitens the dark part on both handsets but the details and sharpness level remains the same. Both are still struggling for color accuracy.

Redmi 6 Pro vs Honor 9 lite Camera Comparison Redmi 6 Pro vs Honor 9 lite Comparison

Coming to the bokeh mode, the Honor 9 Lite is definitely better than the Redmi 6 Pro. It effectively blurs the background while the primary object in focus with sharp edges. The Redmi 6 Pro, in contrast, struggles while focusing. Plus, the details it has covered isn’t better than the 9 Lite.

Redmi 6 Pro vs Honor 9 lite Comparison -1

Redmi 6 Pro vs Honor 9 lite

Talking about lowlight performance, the Redmi 6 Pro takes a lead. Its sample photos are brighter and have more details than those on Honor 9 Lite.

Turning on HDR mode does help the Honor 9 Lite. Now it is better than the Redmi 6 Pro in terms of details and sharpness however it overexposes the light part which Redmi 6 Pro doesn’t.

Compare Redmi 6 Pro vs Honor 9 lite Redmi 6 Pro vs Honor 9 lite lowlight images

And finally comes the front camera. Both smartphones tend to overlay some kind of filter on even normal selfies. While the selfies from Redmi 6 Pro seems to have whitish layer, the Honor 9 Lite has slightly yellowish one.

Redmi 6 Pro vs Honor 9 lite selfie camera Redmi 6 Pro vs Honor 9 lite camera gadget2buy

Same is the case when you turn on the beauty mode. Both smartphones’ beauty mode is so extreme that it completely wipes out the facial contours. I suggest not using it.

In this section, it’s a bit complicated but still, I would vote for the Honor 9 Lite as its HDR mode is a bit better and can help you get a good photo.

Redmi 6 Pro vs Honor 9 lite design


In terms of battery, the Redmi 6 Pro leaves the Honor 9 Lite behind.

During normal usage, the Redmi 6 Pro and Honor 9 Lite last around 36 and 24 hours respectively.

Moderate usage reduces that backup time to 24 and 14 hours on Redmi 6 Pro and Honor 9 Lite respectively.

During 30 heavy or marathon usage, the Honor 9 Lite took 30 percent of battery whereas the Redmi 6 Pro settled in just 21 percent battery. Calculating this data, the Honor 9 Lite would last around 3 hours whereas the Redmi 6 Pro won’t leave you alone for around 5 hours.

As the Redmi 6 Pro has a bigger battery, it takes more than 2 hours to completely charge the battery. In contrast, the Honor 9 Lite takes around 1.30 hours.

In this section, the Redmi 6 Pro definitely wins.

Redmi 6 Pro vs Honor 9 lite display

Our Verdict

The Redmi 6 Pro costs around INR 10,000 (converted from Chinese price) whereas the Honor 9 Lite carries a price tag of INR 10,999. Their specifications are same, so is their performance. However, the Redmi 6 Pro comes with latest design (don’t forget the notch) and a bigger battery. Its camera performance is also nearly identical to Honor 9 Lite. Plus, it is a thousand bucks cheaper.

So, our vote for winner goes in the favor of Redmi 6 Pro.

Redmi 6 Pro vs Honor 9 lite comparison in detail

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