PUBG Mobile Lite Version for Budget Devices Coming to India Soon

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Tencent Games has announced the lite version of their popular game PUBG Mobile in the Philippines. Now, the Company has confirmed that the lite version of PUBG Mobile will be coming to India soon. The General Manager of Tencent Games India has confirmed that they are currently testing the lite version of the game in India for customers on Indian mobile networks.

PUBG Mobile was launched at the beginning of this year. The mobile game has been a hit among the gaming audience around the world. It is playable on the devices that are powerful enough to handle graphic-rich games. However, budget or lower mid-range devices may not deliver the smoothest experience running such a game. When you start the PUBG Mobile your device loads a large map with 100 players in it and have to cram every inch of graphic detail into the device. So if you’re one who is using a budget phone or an older device, chances are that you’re going to have a hard time playing the game and this is where the PUBG Lite comes to rescue.

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What’s different in the PUBG Lite? Well, In PUBG Lite, there will be 40-person combat instead of the original 100-player game. Thereby making the map smaller by a good margin so that the game would use less RAM and few other modifications.

PUBG Lite is currently available only in the Philippines but considering it was a soft launch, we can expect Tencent Games to roll out the game to other regions including India where users on budget phones do want to play PUBG smoothly.

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