Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play: They Are Good For Gaming, But How About Their Cameras?

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Pocophone F1 and Honor Play – two phones designed to excel in gaming, one with its liquid cooling and the other with its GPU Turbo; but at the same time, camera performance is something which is as important as the overall performance, especially in all phones that come with flagship-level specifications and features.

Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play

And so, while we will pitting these two phones against one another in a comprehensive gaming comparison, here is the detailed camera comparison between the Pocophone F1 and the Honor Play.

The cameras in the Honor Play and the Pocophone F1 are similar in terms of setup, but differ considerably in specifications.. the Honor Play has a 16 megapixel + 2 megapixel dual camera setup while the Pocophone F1 has 12 megapixel + 5 megapixel combination. At the same time, Pocophone F1’s primary 12 MP lens gets the aperture size of f1.9 compared to Honor Play’s fairly smaller f2.2. We know that larger aperture means more light, and as we are about to witness, it does make a difference in the image quality.




Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play daylight sample

Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play daylight sample 2

Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play daylight sample 3

Looking at the images taken in the most favorable lighting conditions, that is daylight, few things are apparent – the Pocophone F1 has better dynamic range and produces brighter (but not necessarily overexposed) images. Also, the images are more colorful and livelier in comparison to the ones taken from the Honor Play. Colors are very nicely saturated, and they just seem to avoid being oversaturated. And especially for this reason alone, it may appear that Honor Play produces more naturalistic colors at times. But in direct comparison, its images look a bit dull against the Pocophone F1’s camera.

Where the Honor Play has an advantage is in terms of sharpness. Not that the Pocophone F1 is bad in this aspect, but the Honor Play appears to produce sharper images. Also, in some situations, we felt that Honor Play’s camera has a tiny advantage in Contrast as well. But in terms of white balance and detail, both cameras are more or less equally matched.



Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play DAYLIGHT HDR

Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play DAYLIGHT HDR SAMPLE

Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play DAYLIGHT HDR SAMPLE 3

Pocophone F1 continues to carry aforementioned advantages when it comes to HDR images, along with improvised detail and sharpness.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) IMAGES

Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play AI SAMPLE

Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play AI DAYLIGHT SAMPLE

Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play AI SAMPLE 3

Talking about the Artificial Intelligence, it surely is becoming a useful feature in recent phones, although, its implementation is always questionable with respect to its trueness. Nevertheless, the AI feature in both the phones improves color saturation noticeably over the standard images, and while the Pocophone F1 still produces more colorful-looking visuals, we actually like the AI images from the Honor Play a bit more.



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Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play LOWLIGHT SAMPLE


Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play LOWLIGHT IMAGE

When it comes to shooting with a mobile phone, night conditions are always the most challenging, for the obvious factor of low light. Here, neither camera is impressive to be honest. As good as they are in daylight, they struggle with detail and color saturation when the lighting conditions are quite the opposite.



Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play lowlight hdr

Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play lowlight hdr images

Differences are bigger when it comes to HDR – for example, the Honor Play produces brighter HDR images that help in revealing overall detail. And while both the cameras are mostly on par in terms of exposure, the Pocophone F1 seems to cope up with it better with certain objects – like illuminated tagline outside the café.



Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play AI LOWLIGHT SAMPLE

Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play AI LOWLIGHT IMAGE

Lastly, we didn’t find the AI feature to be as impactful in night conditions as it is during daytime. And this is true for both phone cameras. After a few samples, we didn’t feel encouraged to use it any further.



Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play PORTRAIT MODE

Portrait mode is another trendy feature found in almost all dual camera equipped smartphones. In this aspect, and depending on the location, results can swing between the phones. However, we found the Portrait mode in the Pocophone F1 to be more impactful than the one in the Honor Play. Pocophone F1 managed to isolate the subject better from the background even though the Honor Play did a fairly decent job as well. The problem with the Honor Play’s Portrait mode is, we didn’t find it to be any different than creating a bokeh effect in the default autofocus mode. In that sense, the Portrait mode in Honor Play doesn’t seem to be as useful as it should be.



Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play SELFIE

Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play SELFIE BEAUTY MODE

We believe that the quality of selfies depend a lot on how a person likes them to be. Still, looking at the Selfie sample, we can say two things for sure – there’s terribly high amount of overexposure from the both front cameras.. while both of them are more or less equally matched in detail. The difference is in the white balance.. the Pocophone F1 produces a warm image while the Honor Play tends to keep it a bit closer reality.. but still, the image from the Pocophone F1 looks better to us. Also, the smoothening effect of the Honor Play’s beauty mode looks a bit too artificial.



Even though both phones create visually distinguishable images, it is not easy to choose which one is better than the other. To start with, Pocophone F1 creates more colorful images (especially when its AI mode is activated), and many people could like that more as the images look livelier. But at the same time, Honor Play keeps the colors a bit more realistic in comparison, and this too is preferred by a good number of people out there especially the ones who care about color accuracy. So, personal preference plays an important role here.

Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play conclusion

Yet, the Honor Play has a tad more advantage in terms of sharpness and that helps in overall detailing as well. But this is a tiny advantage mostly. On the other hand, Pocophone F1 has better dynamic range. In night time, neither phone is impressive but Honor Play is better with HDR. But moving on to the Portrait mode, we prefer the Pocophone F1 more and the same can be said about it for Selfies as well.

Overall, we like the Pocophone F1’s camera a tad more than the one in the Honor Play because of its capability of producing livelier images right out of the frame and in a wider variety of conditions.

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