Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X Overall Comparison in Detail

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The Huawei Honor 7X was launched last year in December but we are still putting it against the RealMe 1, why? Because in this particular segment, the Oppo RealMe 1 has defeated some of the very popular handsets including Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and Honor 9 Lite. Check their full comparison article here and here respectively.

Honor 7X is a very good handset and is worth its price. It also has been my daily driver for months and I am pretty much happy with it. The RealMe 1, on the other hand, has also satisfied me with its unmatched performance in this segment. So, this article is going to be interesting as well as tough.

Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X

Oppo RealMe 1 Specifications and Features

Display 6 inch IPS LCD Full HD+, 1080x2160px, 18:9 Aspect Ratio
SoC & GPU Octa-Core MediaTek Helio P60 | Mali-G72 MP3
OS & RAM Android 8.1 (ColorOS 5.0) | 3GB, 4GB or 6GB
Storage 32GB, 64GB or 128GB | Expandable up to 256GB via MicroSD
Rear Camera 13MP, f/2.2, PDAF, LED Flash
Front Camera 8MP (f/2.2)
Battery Li-lon 3,410 mAh

 Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X camera

Honor 7X Specifications and Features

Display 5.93 inch IPS LCD Full HD+, 1080x2160px, 18:9 Aspect Ratio
SoC & GPU Octa-Core HiSilicon Kirin 659 | Mali-T830 MP2
OS & RAM Android 8.0 (EMUI 5.1) | 3GB or 4GB RAM
Storage 32GB or 64GB | Expandable up to 256GB via MicroSD
Rear Camera Dual 16MP (f/2.2) + 2MP, PDAF, LED Flash
Front Camera 8MP, f/2.0
Battery Li-lon 3,340 mAh

 Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X specs

Design and Build Quality

  • While the RealMe 1 has an all-glass design, the Honor 7X comes with a sturdy aluminum body; though its front panel is entirely made with glass.
  • Both smartphones’ size is nearly similar and they feel big in hands. It might be an issue for those having small palms.
  • While the RealMe 1 looks a premium, the Honor 7X’s design is similar to a regular Android smartphone.
  • The Honor 7X has an advantage over RealMe 1. It has fingerprint sensor whereas the RealMe doesn’t.

In this section, you will need to choose yourself whether you want a study body (potentially safe from shattering) or a fragile glass design. I would personally go with Honor 7X.

Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X comparison

Display and UI

  • Both smartphones’ display size is nearly similar. They also have the same display panels, resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Both smartphones’ display is crisp and sharp. Colors look beautiful and don’t pixelate, thanks to its full HD resolution.
  • They have big displays so it is better for those who love to watch videos.
  • As they both have front glass panels, they do reflect under direct sunlight.
  • Both smartphones run on Android Oreo with their customized skin which offers several features. But I would prefer EMUI as the Color OS has some issues. I have seen occasional lags. Plus, you can’t delete notifications by swiping right or left. You will need to clear all notifications at once. If you want to delete a single notification, you will need to swipe left and then touch the “delete” option. It’s really annoying.

In this section, no one is winner when it comes to display but the Honor 7X definitely has an edge if we talk about the UI.

Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X design

Gaming and Performance

  • Starting with the benchmark test, the RealMe 1 is ahead with more than considerable points, especially in 3DMark.
  • But as you know we don’t judge the performance from benchmark points, we did the real-time performance test. And we found that the RealMe 1 does perform better however, marginally.
  • Both smartphones were able to handle normal and moderate tasks with an ease. Whether we talk about social apps or normal gaming, their performance is unmatched in this price range.
  • I also did heavy gaming for 30 minutes. I installed 3 graphics-rich games: PUBG Mobile, Shadow Fight 3 and Gangster Vegas: the Mafia Game. While the RealMe 1 was handling them properly, I saw random lags and stutter on Honor 7X.
  • In graphics too, the RealMe 1 is marginally better than the Honor 7X. While playing PUBG Mobile, I saw random frame drops on Honor 7X.
  • Both smartphones started heating within 15 minutes of gaming however, the screen response remains normal on Honor 7X. The screen of RealMe 1, on the other hand, becomes little bit unresponsive after heating too much.

In this section, the RealMe 1 is better (marginally).

Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X performance

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Starting with daylight, their samples look same but if you look closer you’ll see the difference. RealMe 1’s photos look oversaturated if you look them side-by-side. Though details and sharpness on both handsets is identical.

Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X daylight Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X daylight 2

As I have already told you that RealMe 1’s HDR mode is just a gimmick, it can be seen here too. While the HDR mode on Honor 7X brings more details, color accuracy and sharpness, it doesn’t do much on RealMe 1 other than sharpening.

Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X daylight 3

In terms of bokeh mode, their performance is nearly identical. They are able to effectively blur the background while keeping the primary object in focus with sharp edges. However, the Honor 7X does over-saturate a bit.

Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X bokeh mode

Coming to the lowlight performance, the RealMe 1 looks a bit better. It is brighter than the Honor 7X and has more details. Lowlight photos taken from Honor 7X, in contrast, look a bit dark and have less details. One thing is worth noting that Honor 7X’s samples are sharper.

Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X lowlight Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X lowlight 2

Turning on HDR mode completely changes the scenario. Now the Honor 7X is far better than the RealMe 1. The HDR mode brings brightness, details and color accuracy. In contrast, this mode doesn’t help the RealMe 1 at all. Heck, I can’t even find the difference between RealMe’s HDR and non-HDR photos.

Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X lowlight 2

And finally comes the selfie. Starting with normal selfies, the Honor 7X is definitely better. Its samples look natural and have sharpness better than the RealMe which tries to smoothen the photos, losing details and sharpness.

Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X selfie

I also turned on that so-called beauty mode but I couldn’t find any distinguishable difference between their samples. They are equally good with good sharpness, color accuracy and brightness.

In this section, the Honor 7X is a clear winner.

Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X selfie 2


  • Both smartphones’ battery power is nearly similar, so is the performance.
  • During normal usage, they easily last a day on a single charge. Whereas they last around 14-15 hours during moderate usage (data speculated according to their 2 hour of performance).
  • But if you do the heavy usage or graphics-rich gaming, they won’t last more than 5 hours (data speculated according to their 1 hour of performance).
  • While their battery power is nearly similar, charging time isn’t. The RealMe takes few minutes over 2 hours to completely charge the battery whereas the Honor 7X’s charging time is not more than 1 and a half hour.

In this section too, the Honor 7X takes a lead with less charging time.

Oppo RealMe 1 vs Honor 7X display g2b

Our Verdict

I have already done two comparison of RealMe 1 before and I found that this smartphones is definitely the best choice if your budget is around ₹9,000. But if your budget is above ₹10,000; you have several choices.

Talking about the winner, the Honor 7X has been dominating the RealMe in almost every section. So, the winner is Honor 7X. It has better camera and nearly similar performance compared to the RealMe 1. The biggest setback for RealMe 1 is it doesn’t have fingerprint sensor while several other devices in this particular range do have it.

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