Oppo Caught Cheating Again, this time for Oppo F7

This is not the first time when Oppo has been caught cheating.

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While reviewing a smartphone, we often see that the performance of that particular device doesn’t match with what it has scored on benchmarking apps. Well, this only happens in two scenarios – either the handset is specially optimized for benchmarking apps (if it is scoring ridiculously higher points) or the handset’s performance isn’t well optimized (if it is scoring lower points despite of having good processor). And the first scenario has been seen on Oppo F7 and it’s not the first time. Previously, the company was cheating to enhance the performance of Oppo F3.

Oppo F7 Cheating on AnTuTu

The so-called selfie expert company has been spotted cheating to show better performance on Oppo F7. According to a blog post from Vietnam, the Oppo F7 intentionally boosts its performance when someone runs AnTuTu benchmarking application on the device.

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To prove it, the blogger ran a newly scripted (fake) AnTuTu benchmark application on Oppo F7 and the result reveals that the company is cheating. The handset intentionally boosted every core of its MediaTek P60 chipset to its maximum clock frequency, obtaining an unbelievable score.

Oppo F7 Cheating on GeekBench

The Oppo F7 scored 139,475 points which is better than Redmi Note 5 (Snapdragon 625), Redmi Note 5 Pro (Snapdragon 636) and even Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X) which is powered by Qualcomm’s best mid-range processor. Same is the case with two more benchmarking apps: GeekBench 4 and PCMark Work 2.0.

Oppo F7 Cheating on PCWork

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