OnePlus Responds to Reactions About its Latest Phone Resembling iPhone 7 Plus from the Back

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Ever since the design of OnePlus 5 got confirmed (even before its launch), there has been a general consensus that it looks like the iPhone 7 Plus from the back. And this is purely due to two factors – the way its dual camera has been arranged and, to a certain extent, the antenna lines. The latter is largely a small contributing factor at best.

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Especially after the launch, while the phone has been praised for its superfast and fluid performance, it has been almost equally criticized for losing the originality in the aesthetics department. On one hand it maintains the similarity to its predecessor from the front (which is acceptable), but on the other side, it reminds you of a phone from a certain American manufacturer when seen from the back.

OnePlus 5
The back of OnePlus 5 resembling the iPhone 7 Plus purely due to its dual camera arrangement

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Responding to these negative reactions, the Product Director of OnePlus, Zhang Xuan, responded by gracefully accepting the resemblance their phone shares with the one from Apple. However, he did justify it with reasoning related to the best-possible use of camera from its current location. He went on to say that while the company considered putting the rear camera more towards the middle of the backside, the top left arrangement proved to be the best when it came to the camera performance. This justification includes the horizontal position of the two lenses instead of vertical.

Emphasis was also given to the fact that the overall design of the OnePlus 5 is noticeably different compared to the iPhone 7 Plus, and hence, people should look beyond the similarity of how the camera has been located. The company made clear that it wanted to make a phone which feels good in hand and is easy to handle.

OnePlus is available in two RAM capacities – 6 GB for 64 GB storage and 8 GB for 128 GB storage. By any logic 8 GB of RAM is massive for a smartphone. Responding to opinions about having so much RAM could be an overkill, Zhang Xuan responded that the primary intention (and advantage) of having such a large amount of RAM is ensuring that the phone is future proof and that it would continue to give smooth performance over the coming years when most mobile phones would probably start to suffer.

OnePlus has had an amazing response from the market ever since the launch of its latest flagship device and has been doing all it can to keep the stock ready in all markets the phone is available in.

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