OnePlus 6 Will Come With A Notch, Confirms OnePlus Co-Founder

The notch is finding more adopters

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Technological and design aspects can be funny at times. What one may find weird or unnecessary today might end up adopting the same tomorrow. We are witnessing something similar with what is possibly the most impactful design change in the smartphones seen recently – the Notch. And all this is thanks to the most loved and simultaneously the most hated tech company in the world, Apple.

Apple’s 10th anniversary smartphone, iPhone X, came out last year with the company’s most radical design change in its history. The X has been received with reasonable success but the notch towards the top of its display has received mixed reactions. In fact, many opinions have been quite polarizing against the same. Ironically enough, this year many phone manufacturers are going the Apple way and are putting the controversial notch in their upcoming smartphones, as if it is the hottest design trend right now.

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Possible OnePlus 6 render
Official render of OnePlus 6 notch

This includes OnePlus as well, and the company’s co-founder, Carl Pei, has said that the notch will be there for the functional reasons and that they would have done it sooner or later even if Apple hadn’t done it. Given that the screen to body ratio in the smartphones is shrinking with each new launch, Carl suggests that the notch will allow them to incorporate a thorough full-screen design without sacrificing (or relocating) any important hardware which is supposed to be there around the top of a phone (camera and any other related sensor).

He also made it clear that it will be smaller than the iPhone X’s notch but will be clearly bigger than what is there in the Essential phone in order to keep the front camera’s quality intact.

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