OnePlus 6 will get the option to toggle off the Notch

Notch-haters shall breathe a sigh of relief in the case of the upcoming OnePlus 6

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If I put a conscious effort to think about it, I find it rather surprising that one of the hottest topics of discussions (and even arguments) in the world of smartphones right now is the Notch. You read that right. And in case you come from some other planet, I’m talking about the little curve that Apple put on the display of its 10th anniversary iPhone, the iPhone X.

The iPhone X was launched last year and possibly the biggest talking point about it, since then, has been the notch on the top of its first ever OLED display panel. There have been polarizing opinions about the same with many people simply looking at it as an abomination. For me though, I’m fine with it. I think it’s a clever way of using the available space to fit the front camera sensors along with the screen when you don’t want unnecessary bezels.

OnePlus 5T
This is OnePlus 5T with real hardware bezels at the top and bottom. The OnePlus 6’s display at the top might produce a similar looking software-bezel when the Notch will be toggled off.
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This year, many Android smartphones will be coming out with a similar Notch-style front display panel and that includes OnePlus as well. The company’s next phone, OnePlus 6, will have the Notch as it has been confirmed by Carl Pei (OnePlus Co-Founder). This has got mixed reaction from the public as it is believed by many smartphone users that a Notch is a major distraction especially when viewing multimedia content.

Now, the company officials has made another statement on this matter. The company has announced that there will be an option to toggle off the Notch which should effectively give the display a more typical appearance. In doing so, the area of the Notch will be replaced by a black patch making it look like a bezel at the top. This should be a welcome feature for anyone who is not a fan of the Notch. However, Carl Pei did point out that the Notch will be smaller than the one on the iPhone X.

Other than that, it has also been confirmed by OnePlus that OnePlus 6 will come with the Snapdragon 845 processor along with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. Keep watching this space for more information as we get it.

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