Latest OnePlus 6 Teaser Hints At A Glass Back

OnePlus' Next 'Flagship Killer' Could Feature Wireless Charging

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As the official launch of OnePlus 6 draws nearer, an increasing number of teasers, leaks and rumors regarding the next ‘flagship killer’ have begun popping up online. The latest teaser comes in the form of an image, and that too directly from OnePlus.

The image, posted on OnePlus’ official Twitter account, shows the yet-to-be-launched smartphone lying face down, with its left edge clearly visible. OnePlus 5T, the company’s current flagship, is seen resting (again, face down) on the back of OnePlus 6, almost completely-covering the latter.

Although the exposed left edge doesn’t reveal much about the upcoming OnePlus 6, it does indicate that the volume rocker is located in the same position as OnePlus 5T. Oddly, the famous ‘Alert Slider’ switch is missing from its usual place (above the volume rocker), with what appears to be the SIM tray (most certainly one of the dual nano-SIM type) being there instead. It’s highly unlikely that OnePlus would remove such a useful feature, so it’s possible that the ‘Alert Slider’ is just relocated on the new smartphone.


However, it’s the antenna lines that provide a much-better idea about OnePlus 6’s design.

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In case of OnePlus 5T, the antenna lines extend from the edges to the back of the smartphone. But a closer look at the hidden OnePlus 6’s antenna lines reveals that they are present just on the edges, and not extend to the back panel. This indicates that OnePlus 6 could very well come with a all-glass back panel.

Furthermore, the image shows OnePlus 6’s rear panel ‘meeting’ the metallic frame, thus creating a fine line. By contrast, OnePlus 5T’s all-metal back seamlessly extends on all sides, given the smartphone’s unibody chassis.

An all-glass back means that OnePlus 6 could come with wireless charging, although there’s no confirmation on that.

What is confirmed, is that OnePlus’ upcoming flagship will indeed have the controversial ‘notch,’ a design element that continues to be face criticism from users.

As has always been the case with OnePlus smartphone, OnePlus 6 will come with top-of-the-line hardware specs. These include Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 845 SoC, 6GB/8GB of RAM, and 64GB/128GB/256GB of on-board storage.


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