Some OnePlus 5 Users Are Experiencing a Jelly Scrolling Effect

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Since the launch of the first OnePlus device, each upcoming smartphone by the company is awaited with higher excitement than before. The smartphones pack some of the best specifications and come at more affordable prices than some other flagship devices. For the latest device, OnePlus 5, it has come to the light that certain units are facing a rather peculiar issue of what is called a Jelly scrolling effect.

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OnePlus 5
Some OnePlus 5 users are experiencing a Jelly scrolling effect while viewing a page online.


What it means is that while scrolling a page with large amount of text, the text tends to momentarily stick together before getting scrolled away producing a stretchy view. It is a possibility that there’s a lack of coordination between the frame rate and the screen refresh rate. That is why the issue has, so far, been observed when viewing/scrolling a page online. The issue is supposedly quite minor in nature and it all happens so fast that it may not be noticed by many or most users unless observed specifically.

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A number of causes are being considered that range from a minor software bug to the possibility of the display panel being installed upside-down. It is said that the company is already aware of this issue and is trying to find the root cause of the same. However, if the reason actually turns out related to the incorrect installation of the screen, it may actually lead to a recall as it will be considered a manufacturing defect even though the issue may hardly reduce the user experience.

Also, the alignment of the screen as a cause is quite debatable. There have been other instances where a similar issue has been noticed with no relation to the hardware whatsoever. In all likeliness, the problem is related to a software bug which shall be fixed by an OTA patch. We will try and bring you more updates on this as we get them.

News source: XDA-Developers

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