Strive For The Best – Nokia 3 Vs Redmi 4A Vs Moto C Plus Mass Comparison

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Let us begin this mass comparison of these budget friendly devices, the Nokia 3, Redmi 4A and Moto C Plus. We shall be comparing all the main aspects of the mentioned devices and tell you which one is the best bet for your money. Before we start, also know the prices of these devices, the Nokia 3, Redmi 4A and Moto C Plus are available at the price of 9,499, 5,999 and 6,999 respectively.

Physical Appearance | Nokia 3 vs Redmi 4a vs Moto c plus Comparison

The Nokia 3 has got its own design form factor and also to mention that the design is not bad at all. The sturdy unibody made up with polycarbonate, makes the device feel tough and durable. Reaching the buttons on the sides are not a problem at all. The front panel is a resemblance to 2.5D glass but Nokia claims it to be Infinity Display as seen on the Galaxy S8. Nokia 3 is also the sleekest phone of all the three.

The Redmi 4A’s small form factor and lightweight handset is what impressed me when I picked up the device. The Redmi 4A is encased in a plastic unibody design which definitely does not feel built of a low quality material. Operating the device with a single hand is easy too. There isn’t any front panel protection on the device which means it is prone to damage. The Redmi 4A is the lightest phone of all the three.

The Moto C Plus’ design is similar to that of the older Moto G4 and G4 Plus. The Moto C Plus’ body looks big enough but can be easily handled with a single hand. The Moto C Plus does not feature a unibody design like the other two phones did and the phone’s backplate is removable and so is the battery. The front panel on the Moto C Plus is a regular LCD display which comes with no protection. The device’s body is tough and sturdy which also makes me feel that the device can handle rough usage and will not disappoint the users. The Moto C Plus is the bulkiest and heaviest phone of all three.

Verdict: Considering the form factor, reliability, usage and durability, the Nokia 3 is a clear winner. Redmi 4a vs Nokia 3 vs Moto c plus Specifications and features

Nokia 3’s 5 inch 720P display is not as bright as one would love it to be and there were difficulties operating the device in daylight even when the brightness was cranked up to the maximum. The auto brightness works fine when switching between lighted and low lighted environments. Though, the sharpness and color contrast is fine on the Nokia 3, the white balance is in not rightly managed. Good images also look darker on the Nokia 3’s display.

Redmi 4A’s 5 inch 720P display is impressive, which is just right for both indoor and outdoor conditions causing no problems in operating the device.  Auto brightness management is great on this device too. The Redmi 4A brilliantly manages the sharpness, color contrast and white balance of images and there’s no exaggeration in color saturation or any other software implemented tricks.

The Moto C Plus’ screen brightness and quality falls somewhere between the Nokia 3 and Redmi 4A. The 5 inch 720P display is good, no complaining there. Auto brightness on this device does the job well. The display however feels warm colored with a reddish tone atop the images. This also makes the images look saturated. Also, there’s no protection on the Moto C Plus’s display. The Moto C Plus passes the sharpness test but fails at color accuracy while over saturating image colors.

Verdict: The Redmi 4A is a winner in the display segment by providing just the right color accuracy, brightness and sharpness.

User Interface  | Moto c plus vs Nokia 3 vs Redmi 4a Comparison
The user interface of the Nokia 3 is slick and fluid. The device runs on Android 7.0 and brilliantly manages the OS. You can either pin your favourite apps on the homescreen or you can swipe up on the homescreen to access the app drawer and browse through installed apps. Some noticeable UI features offered to the users are turning over the phone to reject calls and mute calls when picked up which are solely controlled by motion.  

The Redmi 4A runs on the famous MIUI8 which is one of the most customization friendly Android skin. Redmi 4A’s UI is also slick and fast, moreover, it does not offer unneeded bloatware. The MIUI8 runs hassle-free on the Redmi 4A and there are no hiccups or lags whatsoever on this budget oriented device. While most mobile manufacturers have shifted to the latest Android Nougat, Xiaomi is still sticking to Marshmallow. The MIUI8 interface offers its users numerous features to play with and some of them are Second Space, Lite Mode, Three Finger Swipe Down Screenshot, One Handed Mode and much more.

Like the Nokia 3, the Moto C Plus also features clean stock Android based of Nougat. There are no bloatwares pre-installed on this device too.  The device seems to handle Android 7.0 with ease as there are no memories of me experiencing hiccups or lag on this device while casual usage. The Moto C Plus does not offer any personalized feature in its User Interface but offers a clean and slick UI.

Verdict: Offering a highly customization friendly, smooth User Interface and numerous UI features, the Redmi 4A is a definite winner. 


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I already kept my expectations low before testing these devices for a performance benchmark and comparison. Both Nokia 3  and Moto C Plus feature a MediaTek MT6737 Quad Core processor clocked at 1.4GHz, 2 GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Nokia 3 is bad when it comes to performance and multitasking. The phone gets slower and slower as few apps are launched one after another. Multitasking almost crashes the phone by leaving a black screen and the phone non responsive. Same is the case with Moto C Plus, the phone starts lagging after a number of apps are opened and running in the background. High end gaming cannot be done on either of the devices, both phones struggle while playing Asphalt 8 at medium settings.

Note : We used Geekbench 4 to calculate the overall performance of the devices.

The Redmi 4A features a Snapdragon 425 Quad Core processor clocked at 1.4GHz, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The phone handles multitasking easily and normal apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be easily switched and be resumed to use. Gaming is not a strong point on this device, though Asphalt8 is playable with less lag and stutters but I would say that Redmi 4A cannot offer smooth gaming experience.

Note : We used 3D Mark to test the graphics performance of the three devices. We used Ice Storm OpenGL 2.0 test on the mentioned devices.

Verdict : The Redmi 4A is par with the Moto C Plus and Nokia 3 when it comes to performance and gaming. The Moto C Plus and Nokia 3 perform similar to each other as they run on the same internal hardware and there is not much difference between the two.

Camera Primary
On the rear the Nokia 3 features an 8MP camera which is capable of capturing great photographs. The Nokia 3 records videos at 720P at 30 FPS. Pictures captured on this device seem to be covered with a smooth layer and the sharpness is less prominent. The color accuracy of the images taken look natural. Nokia 3 also struggles with white balance issues but that’s the display of the device causing issues. The Camera settings feature basic options like the grid, image quality, shutter control, video quality, and picture size and so on. Nokia 3 is also capable of capturing slow motion videos.  
The Redmi 4A features a 13MP rear camera which took me by surprise. The Camera is great on this device and the pictures captured on this device are exceptionally good. The pictures come out clear, sharp and produce natural colors. The f/2.2 aperture is well utilized by the device which results in great bokeh effects. The Camera settings offer features like smart and pro modes. Apart from these basic settings, the Redmi 4A also offers filters to choose for image processing in real time. The Camera settings however offer a few more settings like time stamp, gridlines, picture quality, and face detection and so on. Low light photography from this phone are really better than the other two phones. The Redmi 4A records videos at 1080P at 30FPS.
The Moto C Plus’ camera app is simple and user friendly. The 8MP camera captures ‘Beautiful’ photographs and the images are impressive to look at. When pictures are analysed, one can easily spot high color saturation in the images. While sharpness and depth of field are in place but there isn’t the required punch to make the pictures stand out. The Camera on this device is capable of capturing videos at 720P at 30FPS.

Against Sunlight Comparison | Redmi 4a vs Moto c plus vs Nokia 3  Camera Comparison

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Daylight Comparison

Depth of Field Comparison

HDR 1 Comparison

HDR 2 Comparison

Night Photography Comparison

Low Light Comparison

Low Light Color Accuracy

Low Light With Flash

Low Light without Flash

Verdict : Considering all three device’s camera, the Redmi 4A definitely offers more and it is my pick for the best camera.
Camera Secondary

Nokia 3 managed to pull off the competition by offering 8MP front camera which the other two phones failed to do. The front camera on this device is brilliant and captures pictures as good as the rear camera does. The front camera also offers same number of camera settings to play around with as that offered in the rear camera.
The Redmi 4A features a 5MP front camera which captures brilliant photos but cannot compete with the photos that Nokia 3 captures. The camera app does not offer diverse options to play around with but some aspects like filters really make the front camera handy and enjoyable to use.
The Moto C Plus offers the lower range front camera of 2MP in this comparison. The camera can only take good photographs in well-lit environment and fails to capture details. Selfies are good if taken in well-lit environment and nothing more can be expected from the front camera of this device.

Front Camera Comparison

Verdict: The Nokia 3 captures better and accurate photos and hence, it is a clear winner in this segment.

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The sound quality of all the phones are excellent as we consider them for the price they are available for. Listening to music and playing games would not cause any problems to the sound output. The ringtones are equally loud enough on all the three devices.

Verdict : No one is a winner here.
The Redmi 4A features a 3120 mAh battery, Nokia 3 features a 2630 mAh battery and the Moto C Plus boasts a 4000 mAh battery. We put all these phones to a test to see which one would justify the battery encased in it. Below are the results.
30 minutes of watching videos
Nokia 3 – 100%-94% – 6% drain.
Redmi 4A – 82%-80% – 2% drain.
Moto C Plus – 100%-95% – 5% drain.
30 minutes of recording videos
Nokia 3 – 94%-82% – 12% drain.
Redmi 4A – 80%-67% – 23% drain.
Moto C Plus – 95%-83% – 12% drain.
30 minutes of playing games
Nokia 3 – 55%-39% – 16% drain.
Redmi 4A – 63%-48% – 15% drain.
Moto C Plus – 66%-53% – 13% drain.

Charging time on these three devices have also been recorded.
Nokia 3 0%-50% – 1 Hr 30 Minutes | 50%-100% – 1 Hr 45 Minutes
Redmi 4A 0%-50% – 0 Hr 57 Minutes | 50 % – 100% – 1 Hr 40 Minutes
Moto C Plus 0%-50% – 1 Hr 43 Minutes | 50%-100% – 2 Hr 55 Minutes

From the battery benchmark scores, there is no clear winner but there can be winners. The Redmi 4A and Nokia 3 charge faster while the Moto C Plus offers better battery backup.

Here is the comparison rating chart for all the mentioned devices.

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