Rumored Nokia 9 with five rear cameras spotted online

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There are countless rumors on Nokia 9 which have been coming for about a year now but still, Nokia 9 hasn’t been launched by the company yet. The much-anticipated flagship Nokia 9 is still on the waiting list of Nokia fans and might come into the real world soon.

An image has been leaked online which showcases a device with five rear cameras. The device is rumored to be Nokia 9 with five cameras according to the person who leaked the image in China yesterday. Although the person who leaked this image called it Nokia 9 but we can’t really assume as it could also be Nokia 10 which we heard from other sources that Nokia 10 might come with five cameras.

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Until now the three cameras are unique but Nokia is known to be breaking barriers with its innovation and here we can see that as the device has not two but five cameras. There is a Zeiss branding too which tells us that the camera optics are to be made by Zeiss which is always there in Nokia devices. There are other two circles which could be an IR focusing thing and a flash. The back of the device is glossy and curved around the sides which hints it to be the flagship device.

The device might launch sooner and might come with Snapdragon 845 processor and best-in-class camera. An in-display fingerprint could be there in the device since there is no fingerprint sensor on the phone’s back.

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