Nokia 7 Cleanest Render Image Leaks, Shows Dual Camera and 2k Screen

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Nokia is determined to make a comeback in the high-end smartphone market and, recently, some of the clearest renders of the upcoming Nokia 7 have emerged revealing some interesting details about the phone’s design and hardware.

Nokia 7
Nokia 7 clearest render showing screen dominated front and dual camera at the back.


The front is dominated by a large screen, presumably measuring at 5.8-inch sporting a breathtaking 2k resolution, with extremely thin bezels while finishing off with very less body extensions at the lower and upper part of the phone. A physical Home key can also be seen at the bottom. The rear has a dual camera setup in vertical arrangement and is said to be a 21 mega-pixel unit. Furthermore, Nokia 7 will likely be powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor with 6 GB of RAM. The battery will be a massive 4,000mAh for seemingly excellent life.

These details indicate that Nokia is in no mood of taking things lightly and is working on adapting the latest trends in smartphone design and hardware in order to deliver a true flagship.


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What This Means for Nokia

The Finnish company enjoys a cult following among a certain section of mobile phone users, so much so, that it has acquired a legendary status in the industry. This is actually quite surprising considering that Nokia virtually hasn’t produced a smartphone since their separation from Microsoft. Their attempts at a different take on Android with Nokia X were failed miserably.

However, Nokia seems to be well aware of its situation and how people look at it. On that note, the company recently reincarnated its 3310 feature phone which was originally one of its most admired and respected phones ever. Nokia is hoping to recapture the same old magic by playing the nostalgia card. The phone has created excitement of which there is no doubt. However, times have changed and whether the new 3310 will be a success or not is yet to be seen.

At the same time, the company is working tirelessly on developing contemporary smartphones for creating its relevance today. It could not do so with Windows mobile, let’s hope that Android can turnaround the fortunes of Nokia.

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