Nokia 6 (2018) vs Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo Camera Comparison

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Couple of days back, we did an over comparison between Nokia 6 (2018) aka Nokia 6.1 and Galaxy J7 Duo. In that comparison, the Nokia 6.1 defeated Galaxy J7 Duo with flying colors. Nokia was dominating Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo in every section except camera. So we decided to a comprehensive camera comparison between these two smartphones to give you a clearer picture. In this Nokia 6 (2018) vs Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo camera comparison, we are going to do an in-detail postmortem of their camera samples.

Before we start, have a look on the camera specifications of Nokia 6 (2018) and Galaxy J7 Duo.

Nokia 6 (2018) aka Nokia 6.1 Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo
Rear 16MP (f/2.0, 27mm), PDAF, Zeiss Optics, Dual LED Dual Tone Flash Dual 13MP + 5 MP (f/1.9), Autofocus, LED Flash
Front 8MP (f/2.0) 8MP (f/1.9), LED Flash


Daylight Photography

  1. Daylight photos taken from both smartphones look good.
  2. Both smartphones’ samples seem to have ample amount of details, colors and sharpness.
  3. A bit of overexposure can be seen on the light part of images taken from both handsets.
  4. In short, I couldn’t find any distinguishable difference between their photos.

In this section, no one is winner.

Daylight Photography with HDR Mode

  1. Turning on HDR mode brings significant improvements on Nokia 6.1. This feature, on the other hand, doesn’t do much on Galaxy J7 Duo.
  2. On Nokia 6, I can see better color accuracy, details and sharpness.
  3. On Galaxy J7 Duo, I barely find any difference between HDR and non-HDR photos.
  4. What’s interesting that Nokia’s HDR photos is just a bit better than Galaxy J7 Duo’s.

In this section, the winner is Nokia 6.1 (marginally).

Bokeh Mode or Depth of Field Effect

  1. In normal Bokeh or Auto Bokeh mode, both smartphones have managed to impress us equally.
  2. But the Galaxy J7 Duo comes with dedicated “Live Focus” mode which is really handy.
  3. This feature can be used to control the level of background blur. Plus, the blur level can be adjusted after an image has been captured.

In this section, the Galaxy J7 Duo is undisputed winner.

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Lowlight Photography

  1. In terms of lowlight photography, the Galaxy J7 Duo takes a lead over Nokia 6.1.
  2. The Galaxy J7 Duo is better than Nokia 6.1 in terms of producing realistic colors, better sharpness and good details.
  3. Samples taken from Nokia 6.1, on the other hand, don’t good sharpness. They also lack realistic colors as well as details.
  4. Fortunately, both handsets don’t overexpose light part of the image.
  5. The Galaxy J7 Duo also comes with dedicated “Night Mode” which enhances the brightness if you have dark surroundings however it overexposes light part.

In this section, the winner is Galaxy J7 Duo.

Lowlight Photography HDR Mode

  1. Turning on HDR mode does bring some changes on Nokia 6 but those changes aren’t similar or better than the Galaxy J7 Duo.
  2. Samples taken from Nokia 6.1 look dull and colors seem to be washed out.
  3. The Galaxy J7 Duo, on the other hands, successfully maintains quality, realistic colors and details.
  4. With HDR Mode turned on, the Nokia 6.1 tends to overexpose the light part of images and lack sharpness.
  5. The Galaxy J7 Duo, on the other hand, doesn’t overexpose light part and maintains sharpness.

Much like the previous section, the Galaxy J7 Duo is winner here.


  1. Selfies taken from both smartphones have huge difference.
  2. The Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo is all about whitening the images whereas the Nokia 6 (2018) maintains realistic tone.
  3. The Nokia 6 (2018) maintains image quality, details and color accuracy. The Galaxy J7 Duo, on the other hand, couldn’t capture good details and overexposes light part.
  4. Coming to the Beauty Mode, the Nokia 6 (2018) simply lets you select the level of beautification. Whereas the J7 Duo gives you a couple of features to customize beauty level.
  5. The beauty mode on Galaxy J7 Duo wipes out facial contours whereas the Nokia 6 (2018) goes with realistic looking photos.
  6. Both handsets also lets you use bokeh mode in selfie photos. However, this feature works fine only on Nokia 6. On J7 Duo, I often saw overexposure.

In this section, you will need to decide yourself whether you want a realistic looking photo or a beautified one.

Our Verdict

Both smartphones carry similar price tag but their offerings are different. In this comparison, the Galaxy J7 has been dominating over Nokia 6 (2018) in important sections. For ex. Lowlight.

In terms of daylight, both performed equally well but the Nokia 6 (2018) took an edge in HDR mode (daylight) however, the J7 Duo was closely following it. Rest, for selfies, you will need to make your own decision. Some people like beautified photos, while some go for natural ones. So it depends on you.

So, in this comprehensive camera comparison, the crown for winner goes to Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo.

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