Nokia 3: Samples from the 8MP Primary Camera

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Previously, we brought you the lifestyle pictures of the newest budget smartphone Nokia 3. Now, it is time to present the pictures from its 8 mega-pixel rear camera.

On the outset, Nokia 3’s camera is a pretty straightforward unit without any bells and whistles to impress on paper. It has a single lens with an f2.0 aperture and a single LED flash. Not much to talk about as far as specifications are concerned.

However, we have clicked a range of photographs under varied lighting conditions from good to low light images in both outdoor and indoor environments. See for yourself and tell us what you make of them. In general, the camera seems to do a pretty decent job given that it is a budget phone more or less.

Outdoor and HDR

Nokia 3
A basic outdoor photograph – non HDR


Nokia 3
This is an HDR image. Notice that even though the light is coming towards the camera, the shadowy part manages to be pretty bright


Nokia 3
This is a digital zoom photo which has acceptable quality


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Bokeh and Indoor lighting

Nokia 3
The autofocus camera does try to create a bokeh effect. The subject in focus could definitely do with some more sharpness


Nokia 3
Another example to create a bokeh effect


Nokia 3
This is to display the camera’s ability to create contrast in colors. The highlights around the edge of the laptop could be lower.

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Low Light

Nokia 3
A typical example of a low light condition – night time with a bit of outside lighting being thrown on a building and the road surface


Nokia 3
Low light condition indoors. Apparently, colors have turned out not too bad. But detailing and sharpness could clearly be better

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