Nokia 2: Could this be the most Affordable Nokia Smartphone?

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For a mobile phone maker looking to re-establish itself, there are usually two ways of making a comeback – launch a number of budget phones with decent specs with a likelihood of good sales or introduce a killer high-end device with breathtaking features and design. Which way is better can be argued upon as a matter of perspective. But Nokia has gone for the former. After all, it isn’t hard to see which one is the safer bet for a struggling manufacturer.

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And now, after launching three budget smartphones – Nokia 3, 5, and 6 – HMD Global appears set to unveil what could possibly its most affordable smartphone ever, Nokia 2. The handset design has been leaked in a render image and it has been shown alongside a sketch of the Nokia 3.

Nokia 2
Nokia’s most affordable smartphone ever? We shall know soon

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The image reveals only the front portion of the device and we can see that the 2 has more rounded corners compared to the 3. There is a front camera and the speaker grill at the top that look similar as well between the two devices. However, there is a difference as you reach to the bottom. The Android buttons on the Nokia 2 are on the display panel which means that the buttons will be a part of the software. Also, the screen size seems to be the same which indicates that Nokia 2 will have a 5-inch display.

It is speculated that the upcoming handset would be powered either by the Snapdragon 212 or Snapdragon 210. No other information about its specifications and hardware features are known at this point of time. Yet, we believe that the official reveal of this phone may not be far away.

Keep watching this space for more information on this.

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