Why I Needed to Contact Xiaomi’s CEO to Get My Mi Mix 2 Repaired

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Couple of months back when the Mi Mix 2 was launched in China, I was really excited. What’s interesting about this device is its bezel-less display and 18:9 aspect ratio display. Additionally, the handset’s back panel is entirely made of glass, giving it an elegant look.

Falling in the upper mid-range segment, the Mi Mix 2 comes with flagship-level specifications. It is powered by Qualcomm’s top-end Snapdragon 835 SoC with 6 gigs of RAM. Apart from all this, the rim of rear camera is made of 18-carret gold.

The specifications and its look attracted me a lot and I couldn’t wait for its launch in India. So I took a step further and imported a Chinese unit of Mi Mix 2 for me. As soon as I held the device in my hand, I felt that nothing can ever be better than this device.

But it seems that my excitement wasn’t supposed to last long as the handset was literally slippery and it slipped from my hand. From a height of around 2 and a half foot, the handset hit the marble floor. This wasn’t the first time I dropped a phone. Previously, the Redmi Note 4 slipped from my hand and it fall even from shorter height; yet the display was shattered.

In just a moment, the story of Redmi Note 4 flashed in my mind and I had no courage to pick the Mi Mix 2 up from the floor which was lying with backside up. The handset came in my hands just a day back and I dropped it. While thinking so many things, I picked the phone, turned it around and I shouted. L

The display glass was broken and that too, at 3 places on the display. All that joy and fun flew away in just a moment. If you have ever broken a new phone, you know how it feels. Though the display was working but no one even likes a scratch on his/her new phone. So how could I bear the broken glass? Anyway, I went to service center and as expected, they said that the handset is yet-to-be-launched in India and they can only repair it when the device gets launched in India. So I waited for the launch. It took around 20 days.

When finally the handset was launched in India, I went back to the service center and they said that the parts are now available. I gave the handset to them. They checked it and denied to repair. I was stunned. They said that, “the handset has been purchased from China. We only repair handsets bought in India”.

I argued a lot but nothing helped. I called Xiaomi’s customer care and they said the same. I had no idea what to do next. It wasn’t making sense to me that why they are denying to repair while I am ready to pay the total cost. I was thinking what if someone goes abroad for tour or any business meeting and his/her phone gets broken, Xiaomi wouldn’t repair it. It means, one need to go back to their motherland to get a phone repaired. What rubbish!

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I also tried to visit two more Xiaomi service centers to check if they might help but unfortunately, nothing happened. I never thought that this kind of thing will ever happen. I also tried to reaching to local smartphone repair centers but since it is a flagship device, I couldn’t find the spare part.

When I was tired of wandering here and there, I decided to raise this issue on social media. I wrote a tweet to the CEO of Xiaomi India and Xiaomi China but I was surprised to discover that no one replied. I waited for 24 hours, nothing happened. Then I tweeted again and this time I raised question to the CEO that this is how you treat your customers?

After quoting the CEO, I got a reply from “Mi India Support”. They took my contact details, contacted me and tried to explain the same thing that Service Centers were saying. I lashed out at them and then finally agreed for the repair but they said that the charge would be almost double of what the service centers told me.

I had no options other than getting repaired my phone so I accepted their condition and handed over my handset to the courier boy. After 4-5 days, they called me and asked to pay the amount in full in order to start the repair of this handset. I paid. After payment, they took one more week.

After two weeks, finally they called me and informed that the handset is repaired and is on the way to me. I got my handset after 3 days of their call. After all this mess, I was finally happy but this incident left few questions in my mind:

  1. Why Xiaomi denies to repair a product which is purchased in some other country?
  2. Why they charged double of the original cost?
  3. Why do I need to contact the CEO to get my phone repaired?

After this mishap, I don’t think I am going to buy a Xiaomi-branded smartphone again and if, by any chance, I do; I would think multiple times before taking any decision.

Giving an end to the article, the internet is flooded with such incidents for Xiaomi-branded phones. Have you also experienced the same?? Let us know in the comment section below.

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