Motorola to add a sibling to the upcoming Motorola One Power: It’s Called Motorola One

Both phones could be unveiled at Motorola's August 2 event

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Only a few days back, we reported that Motorola is coming up with its first smartphone with notch display, called Motorola One Power. Now, the Lenovo-owned company is looking to add a sibling to One Power, and it’s supposedly called Motorola One. Both will be Android One devices promising regular and fastest OS updates from Google.

While the Motorola One looks strikingly similar to the One Power from the front, the difference lies when both phones are looked from the back. The Motorola One has a glass back (details yet unknown) compared to the metal back of the One Power. Usually, the glass back is given to phones in order to incorporate wireless charging, but it may not be a guarantee (as in the case of Honor 10, for instance). We shall see.

Motorola One
Motorola One | Motorola One Power

Secondly, even though both phones have a dual camera setup at the back, the Motorola One seems to have individual housing for each of the two lenses and the LED flash. On the other hand, the One Power has a single outer casing for the whole camera setup (including the Flash). For now, we do not know if the two cameras will have lenses with different megapixels and aperture sizes, but from the given images, it looks like that at least they differ in terms of Flash (Motorola One seems to have a dual LED flash while the One Power has a single flash).

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From the front, the notch design and its size on both phones appears to be identical. And if there’s a chance that both phones share the same dimensions, the One could have a smaller display size since it has a bigger chin (bottom bezel) compared to the One Power. Lastly, the One Power is said to have a 3,750 mAh battery and it is a possibility that the One could have a slightly smaller battery, something like 3,400 perhaps.

Keep watching this space as this story develops further. Motorola has scheduled an event on August 2 and we believe that both these phone could likely be unveiled along with the Moto Z3.

We will keep bringing updates on various upcoming smartphones in 2018.

Image credits: AndroidHeadlines

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