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Motorola and Samsung, both smartphone manufacturers have huge fan base. People wait for their new offerings as both of them always come up with something new for consumers. And that’s why devices from Samsung and Motorola always end up confusing users about which one to buy. That’s why today I’m going to compare the Moto G4 Plus with Samsung’s Galaxy On8.

I have used both smartphones for more than seven days, and as can be expected from Samsung and Moto, the network reception of the phones is really impressive. The voice quality during calls was also amazing, even when the network strength was low.

Interestingly while both the Moto G4 Plus and Samsung Galaxy On8 fall under the same price bracket, their specifications aren’t the same. So, let’s find out which one is a better buy for you.

Physical Appearance

The Moto G4 Plus is a sleek handset and is really light in weight. It fits perfectly, both in the pocket as well as my palms. The screen size does not appear to be too large either, making it easy to use.

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Samsung Galaxy On8 vs Moto G4 Plus

Talking about Samsung Galaxy On8, it’s lighter and thinner than the Moto G4 Plus. Much like the Moto G4 Plus, it is also made of plastic body. Boasting Samsung’s signature physical design, the On8 is also built around a 5.5 inch display. Below the display lie physical home key and two capacitive keys. Coming to the back panel, the camera is placed between speaker and LED flash. On the right edge, you will find power button; while the left edge features the volume rocker.

Samsung Galaxy On8 vs Moto G4 Plus

Despite being lighter and thinner, the Galaxy On8 doesn’t fit in hands as ergonomically. It has slippery back cover which makes it easy to fall from one’s hand. Whereas Motorola’s back cover is textured with an attractive design which not only makes it easy to hold, but also provides better grip. The Moto G4 Plus is a clear winner here.

Samsung Galaxy On8 vs Moto G4 Plus

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