Moto X4 Vs Oppo F5: In-Depth Battery Life Comparison

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The mid-range smartphone segment in India is getting more and more crowded, with new smartphones launching almost everyday. Among these are Moto X4 and Oppo F5, which were launched a couple  of weeks back. While the X4 comes with a premium design and (some) flagship grade features like IP68 certification, the F5 is majorly targeted at camera lovers and has a display with an 18:9 aspect ratio.

We have already compared these two smartphones’ gaming and overall performance, but what about the battery backup?

Here’s our detailed comparison of the battery performance of Moto X4 and Oppo F5. But first, take a quick look at the battery-related specs of the two:

Battery Capacity 3,000 mAh non-removable 3,200 mAh non-removable
Charging Standard Fast charging No fast charging

As seen above, there isn’t much difference in the battery capacities of Moto X4 and Oppo F5. But the key difference is that while the former supports fast charging, the latter doesn’t. We found this to be disappointing as quite a few mid-range smartphones come with fast-charging support these days.

Note: To keep our test routine(s) as accurate as possible, we used 4G SIM cards in both smartphones, switching between WiFi and mobile data. During gaming test runs, we increased the screen brightness to maximum. During regular usage, we used the ‘Auto’ brightness mode.

Normal Usage

Under this scenario, both smartphones lasted us around a day on a single charge. If you’re not much of a pro user and your usage only involves basic stuff like listening to music or watching videos, both Oppo F5 and Moto X4 will work just fine for you.

During our test run, we used both smartphones as daily drivers. We used them to handle calls, text messages, social media apps and music streaming. With this usage, statistics on both the smartphones were largely the same. However, Oppo F5 lasted a little longer than Moto X4.

Before we move further, check out the results of our 30-minute long battery performance test routines. These will give you the basic idea about the smartphones’ battery consumption.

Gaming (30 minutes) 13% 15%
Video Recording (30 minutes) 19% 12%
Music Playback (30 minutes) 5% 5%
Video Playback (30 minutes) 11% 9%



In the above table you can see the battery consumption of these two handsets for 30 minutes of heavy gaming. I played three heavy games on both handsets for 10 minutes spent on each game. Games include Shadow Fight 3, Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat X.

This shows that none of the handsets are made for heavy gamers. Both consume noticeable percentage of battery, though the Moto X4 consumed a bit less than the Oppo F5. If you love to play games and buying any of them, good luck finding charging sockets every 3 hours.

Winner: Moto X4


I am a pro user. I haven’t found any phone that could last more than 5 hours in my hands if I am using it the way I use a phone. Let’s see how these two perform in this section.

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]Marathon or Mixed Heavy Usage means using a device continuously for hours which include heavy gaming, social media, chatting and music. As you now already know their battery performance for gaming, you must have got an idea about the result I am going to tell you.

I did the marathon test for one hour on both the handsets and results are not even closer to what I expected. The Oppo F5 tend to consume more battery than the Moto X4. Moto X4’s CPU is based on Big.LITTLE architecture, while Oppo F5’s CPU isn’t. For those unaware, this basically involves a CPU having both higher-clocked and lower-clocked cores, and the ability to switch between them for improved performance or battery life. For instance, when the user is playing a graphics-rich game (which is a resource-intensive task) on their smartphone, the high-performance cores get to work. On the other hand, if the user is just browsing the web or chatting on an app like WhatsApp, the low-power cores are responsible for the tasks to conserve battery power.

During my test run, the Oppo F5 took 35% battery in just one hour of heavy usage whereas the Moto X4 took around 28% juice. With this data, we can assume that the Oppo F5 would last around 3 hours and Moto X4 around 3.5 hours. I expected at least 4 hours of usage.

Winner: Moto X4


And this is the most crucial part. It won’t make any sense if your smartphone has a huge battery but not a fast charger. You can’t spent hours to completely charge the battery. The Moto X4 is true savior in this segment, it has fast charging. The Oppo F5, on the other hand, falls behind with no fast charging tech.

So how does the chargers of these two devices work and how much time they take to charge the battery? Well, the Moto X4 as claimed by company does get charged from 1 to 30 percent in just 15 minutes. Whereas the Oppo F5 takes around 35 minutes to charge the device from 1 to 30 percent.

Moto X4 comes with TurboCharger (15 watts output) and the handset takes 1 and a half hour to completely charge the battery. What’s noticeable is its TurboCharger limits the watt output when your Moto X4 gets 90 percent charged. What I am trying to say that the Moto X4’s battery gets charged up to 90 percent in just 1 hour and then it takes 30 minutes to charge the rest 10 percent. Those who are unaware, this is how the fast charging works.

The Oppo F5, on the other hand, comes with a regular Android charger with constant watt output and takes around 2 and a half hours to completely charge the battery.

Winner: Moto X4


Summing things up, we can say that even though both of these smartphones have decent battery backup, none is meant for pro users.

Oppo F5’s battery optimization features are not that good, and its battery consumption is also on the higher side. If you like gaming on smartphones, you’ll have to look for a power adapter every few hours.Another drawback is that the phone doesn’t support fast charging, and the included power adapter takes more than two hours to fully charge the battery.

Moto X4, on the other hand, is among the best all-rounder smartphones available in the upper mid-range price segment right now. It has good overall battery optimization and lasts longer than Oppo F5. But the best thing is that it supports fast charging technology, and the included TurboCharger works really well.

To conclude, we’d say that our vote goes to the Moto X4.

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