Moto X4 vs Nokia 6: In-Depth Camera Comparison

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As the comeback vehicle for the Nokia brand, the Nokia 6 was definitely one of the most-anticipated smartphones when it launched earlier this year. Since then, the mid-range smartphone has proven to be quite popular with the users, and continues to do well in the segment. And it’s not surprising, as the Nokia 6 continues Nokia’s legacy of making beautiful yet sturdy smartphones.

But the Nokia 6 contines to face fierce competiton from several competent smartphones. Among them is Motorola’s Moto X4. Launched only recently, the X4 is perhaps the most-premium looking smartphone in the mid-range segment. It has an all-glass back and even comes with IP68 certification.

The base variant of Nokia 6 is currently available at Rs. 14,999, while the base version of Moto X4 costs Rs 18,999. Since there’s not that big of a price difference between the two handsets, we decided to pit them against each other to see how well their cameras perform in real-life situations. Here are our findings, but before that, take a look at the camera specs of Nokia 6 and Moto X4.

REAR 16MP, f/2.0, PDAF,
Dual LED (Dual Tone) Flash
Dual 12MP (f/2.0, PDAF) +
8MP (f/2.2, No AF), Dual-LED flash
FRONT 8MP, f/2.0, AF 16MP, f/2.0, LED flash

Daylight Images

Viewing the photos clicked in daylight conditions by Moto X4 and Nokia 6 side-by-side doesn’t reveal much of a difference. However, Moto X4’s images look quite bright. On zooming-in, we got some unexpected results. Check out the side-by-side comparison shots below:

Moto X4 vs Nokia 6

As seen above, Nokia 6 lacks at covering details and producing sharp images quite a bit, as compared to the Moto X4. Zooming the images to 100% reveals that Nokia 6 isn’t even as good as the Moto G5S Plus (see our Moto X4 vs Moto G5S Plus camera comparison here).

Moto X4 vs Nokia 6 Camera

Even the colours in Nokia 6’s photos look dull. On the other hand, colours in Moto X4’s photos appear warmer and more realistic. Moto X4 definitely leaves Nokia 6 behind, when it comes to daylight images.

Depth-Of-Field (Bokeh)

Moto X4’s camera app comes with a built-in ‘Depth Mode’. Although we didn’t like it that much, it’s still better than Nokia 6, which has no such dedicated mode.

Moto X4 vs Nokia 6 Camera Comparison

Both smartphones use ‘Center-Aligned’ focus by default, but you can manually adjust the focus on objects as well. The Nokia 6 does blur the background, but not as effectively as the Moto X4.

Moto X4 vs Nokia 6 Image

Coming to the Moto X4, it is good but we can’t say the best in the segment, as we have seen Xiaomi Mi A1’s superior ‘Bokeh Mode’ performance. Still, Moto X4 comes out to be better than Nokia 6 when it comes to achieving ‘Depth-Of-Field’ effect in images.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images

In this section, we don’t really need to say a lot. Take one look at the comparative pictures below and you can decide for yourself:

Nokia 6 vs Moto X4 Camera comparison

HDR photos captured by the Nokia 6 are just average as compared to those captured by the Moto X4. As seen above, the brighter parts of the image are overexposed, while the darker parts lack sharpness. The colours in HDR images look dull too, and the smartphone tends to soften the images a lot.

Nokia 6 vs moto x4

Moto X4, on the other hand, produces very good HDR images, which cover both the light and dark parts without losing detail. The handset produces realistic colors and objects look sharp enough.


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Panorama is one of the most crucial features for photography lovers. It allows you to capture a larger area. The handset shoots multiple photos and then combine to produce Panorama image. Below are the samples, have a look.

Both smartphones produce good Panorama images but the difference between them is noticeable. The Moto X4 captures good details and colors as compared to Nokia 6’s images that have less details and soft colors. Sharpness is missing and pictures look softened.

Even though some part of the image taken by Moto X4 is broken (you won’t see until you zoom it to 100 percent), our vote for winner goes to Moto X4 as it produces bright images with good details and sharp colors.


Lowlight photos taken by both smartphones have really huge differences. Have a look below:

Moto X4 vs Nokia 6 low light image

As you can see, the Nokia 6 is not at all good at lowlight photography. The handset misses to capture dark parts. The Moto X4, on the other hand, produces decent quality lowlight images. It is able to capture light as well as dark part. If we talk about details, the Moto X4 is better. See the buildings’ edges.

Moto X4 vs Nokia 6 Night image

HDR mode also doesn’t make any difference on the Nokia 6 and the images remain more or less similar to non-HDR ones. Whereas the HDR on Moto X4 does the job nicely and captures images with even more details. Both the light and dark part look very good.

In this section, the Moto X4 is winner.


Apart from rear camera(s), people also look for a good selfie shooter. So how do these two smartphones perform when it comes to selfies? Check the images below:

Moto X4 vs Nokia 6 Selfie camera

Talking about the Moto X4 first, the handset tend to overexpose the background whether it is normal or beauty mode. In normal mode, we can see enough details but in beauty mode, details are missing.

Moto X4 vs Nokia 6 selfie

Coming to Nokia 6, the handset produces realistic selfies. Colors are not that sharp but also not that washed out. Overall, normal mode produces good selfies. Beauty mode on this devices doesn’t do much as I barely noticed any difference other than overexposure of the background.

So there is no winner. If you love soft and realistic selfies, you can go for Nokia 6 but if you love sharpness and good colors, Moto X4 is your toy.


The Nokia 6 is a decent smartphone under Rs. 15,000 which offers average performance and decent camera quality. The Moto X4, on the other hand, is a very good all-rounder. Its performance and camera experience is better than the Nokia 6. Some other noticeable points include premium design and IP68 rating.

So which one of these two smartphones you should go for? Our answer is Moto X4.

Comparing to Nokia 6, Moto X4 produces better photos with realistic colors, sharpness and good details. Though it disappoints a bit when it comes to front camera but we think Moto X4 is worth its price.

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