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Motorola is a legendary phone maker of yesteryear. It has a special identity for manufacturing clamshell devices but in last couple of years, its Moto G series have been very popular. From the first generation to now (fifth), it has earned applauds and accolades.

Today we are going to talk about Moto G5 Plus – Motorola’s hot product. I’ll be comparing it with Moto G4 Plus and will be showing which on is better and is a good buy for you.

Motorola has made several changes in Moto G5 Plus comparing to its predecessor Moto G4 Plus launched last year. So, without wasting time, let’s do the comparison.


Motorola has completely changed the look and feel of newcomer. It boasts full metal body. It is thinner and smaller than the Moto G4 Plus. It is worth noting that despite of boasting metal build, the newcomer weighs same as its predecessor. On the back, camera and LED flash are placed together inside a round-shaped glass, much like the Moto Z.

The signature “M” logo is also placed on the back but it looks more beautiful than the Moto G4 Plus. Much like the Moto G4 Plus, power button and volume rockers are placed on the right edge. Other changes include non-removable back cover, placement of 3.5mm audio jack at the bottom and SIM tray at the top.

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Unfortunately, the newcomer doesn’t provide better grip but that’s okay because the surface of metal body is generally smooth and one will get used to it after using it couple of days. Another noticeable change is fingerprint sensor. It is bigger than the Moto G4 Plus which makes it easy to unlock the phone.

Both the smartphones are beautifully crafted but the crown ultimately goes to Moto G5 Plus for its metal body and a bigger fingerprint sensor.

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