Mid-range Pixel 3 with a plastic body and headphone jack leaked!

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After hearing a lot of rumors about a mid-range Google Pixel phone for a long time, we’ve got our first look at the device. Last week, Russian website Rozketed got their hands on some pictures and details about the device. While Google hasn’t confirmed that a mid-range Pixel 3 is on the way, we’re fairly certain that Rozketed is on the track, since it had accurately leaked the Pixel 3 XL earlier this year.


The device internally looks very much like the Pixel 3. However, his blog suggests that the device has a plastic back instead of glass used in the Pixel 3. The mid-range Pixel will also have a headphone jack.


As per the Rozketed, the device sports a 5.56-inch full HD display, which is the same size as the Pixel 3. The phone runs on a mid-range Snapdragon 670 processor along with 4GB RAM. However, a spec sheet from the AID64 hardware testing app hints at a Snapdragon 710 chipset running the device.

Mid-range Pixel 3

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This means we might end up with four Pixel 3 phones in total, the last one being a budget Pixel 3 XL for users who want a cheaper version of Google’s flagship.


According to the reports, the phone sports a 2,915mAh battery. The device will have a 12MP rear camera and an 8MP selfie camera. This is the similar set up as the Pixel 3. Except that the flagship version has two front cameras.


Previously the first rumors that appeared way back in April this year about the mid-range Pixel. The rumors suggested that Google is targeting price-sensitive markets such as India with the budget device.


The new report also suggests that this budget Pixel should arrive early next year. The mid-range Pixel could make happy the phone buyers on a budget.


The mid-range Pixel 3 is expected to have a price tag somewhere between $400-500. The smartphone will be a competitor to the Asus Zenfone 5z and OnePlus 6T.

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