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Lenovo has become one of the most trusted smartphone brands in India. In fact, the Chinese conglomerate held second position in the smartphone market with 9.6% of market share by the end of the third quarter in 2016. 

Moto smartphones on the other hand, have a loyal fan base and this affinity has certainly been fueled by the impressive quality of its smartphones and their pricing. 

However, these smartphones can be considered as two jacks from the same deck. For those of you who are unaware, Lenovo acquired Moto Mobility from Google in October 2014. In fact, the Moto G4 and G4 Plus are the prodigal children of Lenovo. 

Moto G4 Plus will try to beat Lenovo Vibe K5 Note and to what extent it beats the latter is what we will try to figure out. 

Physical Appearance

Moto G4 Plus is a sleek handset that’s really light in weight. It fits perfectly, both in the pocket as well as our palms. The screen size does not appear to be too large either, making it easy to use, and at the same time, it isn’t too small either, ensuring that the experience of playing games and watching videos is pleasurable. The plastic body of the phone might not appeal to several users but with curves at all the right spots, the G4 Plus resists to go down easily when looks matter.

The front panel of the phone looks really nice. While the screen is asleep, the body and the display screen are hard to differentiate which works in its favor. The metal edges around its frame along with the fingerprint sensor at the bottom give it a great aesthetic. While the G4 Plus can’t compete with other metal-bodied smartphones in its price range, the plastic back of the phone tries to justify the dazzling front look and succeeds to a fair level. The camera and the flash placed in line with the logo give it an overall impressive look. 

The Lenovo Vibe K5 Note is sleek as well and detailing on its metallic body makes it an eye catcher. The front panel of K5 Note has three contrasting capacitive buttons while the back panel of the phone is entirely metallic. 

The metallic body of K5 Note gives it superiority over G4 Plus as far as looks are concerned. Darker shade, textured back panel and a symmetrical body most certainly give K5 an edge over its rival in the matter of physical appearance. 

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However, Vibe K5 Note feels heavy in hands as well as in pockets. It weighs 165 grams, 10 grams heavier than the G4 Plus and the difference in their weights is quiet conclusive. With a case on, it certainly falls behind G4 Plus in the weight factor and practical day to day usability. Using K5 Note fluently takes a bit of a practice. 

The screens of both the phones dominantly take over the front look however the size of bezels is quite considerable for both the models.  The K5 Note has three capacitive buttons for accessing back button, jump to home screen, and overview of recently-opened apps. These buttons do not occupy the screen and seem to work efficiently. 

The Moto G4 Plus is available in two shades viz. black and white. K5 Note, on the other hand, comes in Silver, Grey, and Gold. All of these choices are some of the most sought-after colors among consumers. 

Both the smartphones sport the volume rocker and power buttons on the left side, although G4 Plus houses the power button above volume rockers which I found a bit uneasy to use. The buttons on both the models are fairly distinguishable, with the one on the G4 Plus having a textured pattern. 

While the Moto G4 Plus isn’t waterproof like its predecessor, it’s water resistant with its nano coating and can survive splashes. 



The Lenovo Vibe K5 Note and G4 plus do not have a lot of difference in the display section. Both smartphones offer a large 5.5-inch display with a 1,080 x 1,920 full HD resolution. 

The LTPS IPS Liquid crystal Display on the K5 Note is vibrant and subtle, and so is the IPS LCD on the G4 Plus, which is crisp and sharp. The display complements the Moto G4 Plus’ UI in ways more than one. Watching videos on the G4 Plus is a great experience. On the other hand, running videos on the K5 Note gives a feeling of a primitive GUI combo.

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