Latest Reports say Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be Announced on August 23

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Until now, it was believed that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 was scheduled to be revealed on August 26. While this was more or less considered confirmed, some latest reports suggest that the device could actually be showcased a bit earlier on August 23.

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Unsurprisingly enough, this comes from a Samsung insider. Having said that, an official confirmation is yet to come, there is a possibility that this could change again. However, we can see a pattern in all these supposed “inside leaks” which is that the reveal will likely happen in the last 7-8 days of August.

Galaxy Note 8
The next Note could be announced on August 23

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The next iteration of Note can be regarded as Samsung’s biggest and most important smartphone launch ever, clearly more critical than the Galaxy S8 itself. The South Korean company will be looking to floor the crowd with this launch and expect that the Note 7 fiasco will be forgotten as a bad dream.

Note 8 will be carrying forward the design language from the Galaxy S8 pair, that is, the screen dominant display providing more display and visual experience without increasing the phone’s footprint. Another most talked about feature is the first ever dual camera setup on a Samsung device. The fingerprint sensor is likely to remain at its side but it shall still be better placed than the one on the S8/S8+.

The next two months are going to be full of important announcements especially with Samsung and Apple revealing their next smartphones along with some more interesting action that can be expected at the IFA 2017 as well.

News source: TheVerge

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