Latest Leak: Two new Samsung Exynos chipsets made on the 10nm process

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Since the birth of the 64bit mobile processors, performance in smartphones has reached a new high and great efforts are being made continuously to make it better with every new handset. While Qualcomm can safely assume the position of the leader in this regard, Samsung’s Exynos is fairly popular as well and is mostly successful in delivering matching performance when compared to its Snapdragon counterpart. Now, two new processors from the South Korean company – Exynos 9610 and 7885 – appear set to arrive that are designed on the 10nm process.

First off, the Exynos 9610, the news about the development of this processor is not really new. It was earlier suggested that this processor is being developed on the 14nm process, however, latest reports say that this is not the case anymore. In fact, the Exynos 9610 is on its way to be faster and more efficient with the 10nm process.

Samsung to power its future mid-range devices with two new Exynos processors

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The processor has eight cores with four cores of Cortex-A73 while the remaining four of Cortex-A53 and clocking at 2.4 GHz. Also, there’s one aspect that seems to have changed from the previous information which is the GPU – the latest updates say that it is MALI-G71 instead of the MALI-G72 (this one is said to be 25% more power efficient).

Now, the Exynos 7885, this is another processor which is a bit lower in the mid-range category than the one above. Whether it is made on the 10nm process or the 14nm process is yet to be confirmed. Compared to the 9610, this one is also an octa-core processor but with only two cores of Cortex-A73 and the remaining six cores of Cortex-A53. Note that they are same but the bigger cores are lesser compared to the ones in the Exynos 9610. Also, it is clocked slightly slower at 2.1GHz. The GPU, once again, is the same MALI-G71.

We believe that Samsung will be powering its future generation of mid-range smartphones with these two processors.  We will keep bringing you further updates on this as we get them.

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