Latest Leak: iPhone 8 Render Images appear again, Hinting at the Final Design

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There is virtually nothing bigger in the mobile phone industry right now than any news or update related to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8. The yet-to-be-released smartphone is ruling the internet at this moment.

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The latest leak has a number of images, unsurprisingly, that are said to be the renders of the final design of the iPhone 8. Again, this comes in collaboration with one of the case makers. One of the biggest talking points is, of course, the screen to body ratio which is going to be the smallest among all iPhones made till date (and also among smartphones from other manufacturers).

iPhone 8
Thin bezels on all 4 sides measuring 4mm

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The bezels, from all 4 sides, are said to be of maximum 4mm in width and the display will measure at 5.8 inches. This will be the biggest screen on an iPhone so far. Those 4mm of bezels are thick enough to prevent any accidental input on the screen, something which has been observed on the Galaxy S8. On the other hand, the upgrades to the 7 and 7 Plus will maintain the 4.7 and 5.5 inches of display respectively.

iPhone 8
The ‘cut’ at the top is not there


There is one difference, though, at the top part of the display where the battery, connectivity and other such statuses are displayed. In these images, this part is shown without a cut unlike the previous renders and the screen, apparently, smoothly distinguishes between the main display and the thin top portion. Rest of the front doesn’t see any changes from what we have seen so far.

The enlarged Power button on the side can be seen here as well and it points towards the integration of the fingerprint sensor. Still, this remains an educated guess. One of the pictures exposing the bottom section shows the Lightning port as well as the absence of the 3.5mm audio port. However, it is considered that the other end of the power/charging cable could have the USB-C enabling the fast charging.

iPhone 8
The larger Power button could have the fingerprint sensor as well


This new bunch of images concentrated only on the front and side portions of the handset but it is known that the back will sport the vertically aligned dual camera. The iPhone will debut in September.

Keep watching this space for further updates.

News source: Forbes

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