Latest iPhone 8 Leak Hints at the Fingerprint Sensor Location

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As we get closer to the official reveal of the iPhone 8, the intensity of leaks and renders of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone is becoming stronger. So much so that it is now beginning to feel like a tease.

The latest images of the upcoming Apple flagship are based on its case design, and while we have already come across similar renders before, there is one detail in particular which should garner most interest – the location of the fingerprint sensor.

iPhone 8
Could this be where the fingerprint sensor is actually going?


The images provided highlight the size of the Power button at the side of the handset’s bodywork. It is clear that the button is quite enlarged, in fact, it is possibly twice the size of the one present on the current generation of iPhones. It being bigger hints at the possibility that the fingerprint sensor is embedded in the button itself. This will not be a surprise given that it has already been considered a viable location for the touch authentication system.

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Also, this can be taken as a smart solution given the challenges Apple is/was facing with the implementation of the sensor as well as the limited supply of the OLED display panels which has already confirmed the delay in the availability of the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8
Vertical arrangement of the dual camera


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Rest of the design elements are a confirmation of sorts about the direction the American company is taking with the overall look and feel of the next generation of iPhone. At the front side, the screen has a cut at the top for the camera and the speaker which is part of Apple’s own take on the screen dominant display.

Another interesting aspect of the design is the vertical arrangement of the dual camera at the back. The rationale for this is that the camera will become horizontally aligned when the phone is held in the landscape mode leading to the better AR/VR experience (because dual cameras arranged horizontally along with the phone in landscape mode are said to be the preferred orientation for better AR/VR experience).

iPhone 8
Apple’s unique take on all-screen front


Lastly, while the images do not clearly show this, it is said that the lightening port will stay and the USB-C port will not be present after all.

Do you feel that there is any room left for further leaks and speculation about the iPhone 8? Well, all we can do is keep ourselves prepared for further surprises, if any. Keep watching this space for more information.

News source: Forbes

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